What if water ran upwards?
Would that mean that every thing evil in society would be reversed and be good?  Would 98 instead of 2% of accused rapists be convicted?
Would the term "the accused" apply to the criminal instead of the victim?
Would the person who commited the crime suffer anguish forever instead of the innocent.
I like reflections because you can see how beautiful life in some other dimension might be, if it existed.
But at least we can look at it from over here.
O.K.- I'm sure they have problems too.
They say backwards things are evil.  I can think of alot of things in this world that are backwards right now.
A vynyl record of the world played backwards would probably sound like give peace a chance.
The word live backwards spells evil.  I would like a little more life for women.
Seek it
There are people who help walk victims through the legal process.
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