It was hard to see my car, the steps, everything was full of clouds...
It's like not knowing if you are walking upstairs or down.
I tried to keep my feet on the ground though.
You can drown in five feet of water-
It's the undertow.
                          The current just takes you...
I almost drowned in the sky today.
more info on ptsd- click on the first photo
None of these photographs are of the sky.
Rather they are of reflections in ordinary
objects such as car windows mostly,
stairs, the ground.  I think everyone's perception of reality is radically different.
When someone is suffering from ptsd
they may not seem to make sense or may not understand what is happening around them.  It's important that those surrounding them
recognize these symptoms and make sure they get treated for the cause.  Among possible
causes are traumatic experiences such as disaster, war and rape.  I thought i would show you what it feels like.