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Argument: Everyone will drive 10 to 15 mph over the limit.

Most drivers will drive a safe comfortable speed for the conditions. Some people think they would drive 10-15 mph over the limit but it actauality they will drive with the speed of traffic. The only time this MIGHT be true is when there is hardly any traffic. But even then unless they use cruse control you will find them driving a speed they feel comfortable at. Most drivers hardly ever watch their speedodmenter unless there are cops around.

The reason drivers drive 15 MPH over the limit today is because the limit is set way to low! In Montana where daytime speed limits were basically abolished, the average speed has increased ONLY 2MPH.

According to a 7-year, 1992 Federal Highway Administration (FHwA) study in which speed limits were varied at 100 locations nationwide and the resulting traffic flow analyzed, "raising posted speed limits by as much as 15 mph had little effect on motorists' speeds," and "contrary to public perception the data actually indicate that accident rates were reduced at sites where speed limits were raised."

Actual speeds rose only 1-2 mph on those interstates raising the limit to 65 mph in 1987, and the fastest 1% of drivers slowed down. (FHwA)

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