Damm Speed Limits

by Bob Morrow at bobm@msn.fullfeed.com
May, 13 1996

I drive about 8 miles to work, all on two-lane roads. Except for the beginning and ending half-mile or so, it's all 55. The problem is, at the time I'm driving to work, I get caught behind every speed-limit loving driver in Wisconsin. Since I drive a 4-cylinder car, I need passing zones about 1/4 mile long. Wishful thinking! There is no decent solution other than the obvious, which is posting a speed limit of 65, the speed I normally travel on that road if no one's in front.

Then, these same lame-brains get into town and -as soon- as they pass a 30 mph speed limit sign, BAM! on the brakes so that they're traveling exactly 30.0 mph, maybe 29.5 to allow a little error factor in. This is clearly a case where the local cops have brainwashed these people into driving too slow for conditions. Why? The town has 5,000 people and what's to do at night there except run speed traps?

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