Nice Things people said about RDU

"Your website is an extremely valuable resource for motorists everywhere. This seems to be the best overall collection of speed limit information." - Sam Brown

"Nice set of pages! I'm impressed by the amount of work you put into them, and the information really is useful." - Reid Rivenburgh

"This page is just too damned cool! Congratulations on your effort to let all the morons on the road know how we feel about them!" - Timothy Burga

"I have found RDU to be a wonderful source of information. I am sure that in the next year much more information on the benificial effects on raising speed limits will be put out and posted here. This makes for a great source of information I can use to lobby my state legislators to raise the speed limit. Actually, they did blow their chance to keep the speed limit low this year and now opened up the door to even higher increases in the future after all the facts come in. Keep up the good work!" - James Matthew Mullins, Jr.

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