Comming Soon:

(I hope) An interactive step by step guide designed to convince skeptics that speed does not kill. Explain how they might be convinced otherwise. Explain two them (not just prove with studies) how speed limits have little effect on how people drive. Convince the average american that by (mildly) speeding they are actually decreasing there chances of getting into an accident. Give the average american enough confidence so that they won't tell there kids that speeding is bad. It will NEVER flame them it will instead show them the errors of there ways and answer any question they may have FULLY. It will aim to NEVER give an impartial response or "that's they way it works" type response. If it works well it will convince everyone but the hard cored "speed kills" phanatice of the truth with out a doubt in there mind. It at the same time will aim to not give the wrong impressions to teens who do not have enough experience to drive the way they do. I would be very interested in any help with this because alone I can make it so-so but with others help it can be truly a worthwhile service. (email

Be sure to chek out "The anatomy of 2 and 3 lane roads: The types of drivers and how they effect traffic flow" one of many papers I plan on writting that will develope into this project.