Speed Limits are Set TOO Low

Many traffic laws are unreasonable so therefore broken!

A intense federal study proves just that. Unreasonable speed limits make violators out of otherwise law abiding citizens. Send something like this letter to your newspapers and state legislators to convince them of that very idea.

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Please note that this is rough draft: Some of my viewpoints were not thought through 100% so if you agree with most of it but have some opposition please let me know at kevinatk@home.com. Expect a lot of improvement in this page over the summer -- including spelling and grammar fixes!

Hi their, Welcome to the Reasonable Drivers Unanimous home page (unofficial temporary name). Expect to see a lot more in the next couple of weeks as I get articles points etc together

As My titles suggest this page will give evidence, examples, arguments, etc. toward reasonable traffic laws. Laws like setting speeds to what drivers drive. Laws that will REQUIRE slow pokes on two lanes highways to PULL over and let others pass.

[School bus issue struck] Rules that will REQUIRE slow pokes on two lanes highways to PULL over and let others pass.

The Senate on Tuesday, June 20 voted to repeal the national 55/65 mph speed limit mandate for cars only (not trucks and buses). The National Motorist Association (NMA) believes that the bill will get passed this summer for ALL vehicles. See the NMA announcements posted to CompuServe for more info. The NMA is begging to post to the Usenet group rec.autos.driving and can be contacted at nma@genie.geis.com.

I want cops to stop going after SAFE speeders and start going after the idiot who cut you off, tailgate, etc. And slow drivers on two lane highways that don't yield (pull over) to faster traffic.

On the issue of speed limits I believe all interstates should have a speed limit of at LEAST 70mph. Yes, even on the most congested and dangerous interstates like the Capital Beltway (495). Why? Because thats about the speed everyone is going -- doing 55 IS MORE DANGEROUS than doing 65 because you are going against the flow of traffic.

Speed limits should also be increased on other roads. Slower speed limits on busy high speed highways tend to create an engineering difficulty with syconizing stop lights. If stop lights are synconized by using the speed limit often people will have to stop at the next light when it wasn't engineered that way. If speed limits were raised to drivers speed than this would not be a problem. It also creates a miner hazard in the length yellow lights stay on. (Is this true, I am just speculating here on this whole paragraph. Engineers out there please write to me at kevinatk@home.com telling me if this is true or not)

Interested in what speed limits use to be? If so be sure to check out the what speed limits use to be and the states attitude towed speed limits lists compiled by me.

I hope that this page will be a treasure house of facts statistics etc on traffic laws. I am interested in what speed limits were before the 55mph mandate on all roads (not just freeways). I am interested in those few rare State/County/Towns that have reanable speed limits/traffic laws, officers that actully pull over obnoxious, rude, ignorant, stupid (ones that pull out right in front of you never mind the fact you are doing 60), and slow poke drivers (especially on two lane highways) and basically leave SAFE speeders alone. I am also interested in other country speed limits and there death, accident etc statistics. I basically want this place to be a one place stop on info on traffic regulations etc... (I currently have VERY little info in this area so PLEASE if you know of anything that relates to the above write to me at kevinatk@home.com)

Until we have reasonable speed limits the best you can do is avoid the police and/or speed traps. The Speedtrap Registry and the Nationwide Police Car Description Server are two good places to start.

Americans are almost taught bad habits. The NMA has put together a collection of Real World Driving Tips; things that all drivers should know and obey. On a similar note NMA has also put together a list of Seven Sensible Signals that all drivers should now and use. So what should you see with your side view mirrors. If you answered what's behind you, YOUR WRONG. Check out the correct way to set them.

On a similar note get this according to a selected few Americans have an god-given right to drive on public roads, licensed or not. These briefs say it all. This idea scares me. (I haven't looked it over carefully yet)

If you are truly interested in fighting stuff like this be sure to join the National Motorist Association (NMA) (and help me out with this page) I will very soon be a member as I already send my membership. My views and NMA's views are independent of each other. If you would like to read up on the issue be sure to check out these wonderful articles and try browsing through by own personal Usenet Index.

All comments, oppositions, etc should be sent to kevinatk@home.com. The more the better!

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