Articles, etc. That Avoid the Speeding Issue

One of the things that aggravates me more than artificially low speed limits is public opinion on the speed limits and speeding in general. Most americans speed but tell there children not too. I have read one article after another where the person writing the article clearly believes speeding is ok however they won't admit it, they will tell the reader they don't recommend speeding but what they do is up to them. In response I am presenting this list of articles, etc. that try to avoid or muddle down the issue of speed limits and speeding. I am not talking about nonbiast articles on the issue I am talking about articles where the author clearly has a view point (and/or speeds himself) however but avoids stating that speeding is ok or that speed limits are set artificially low. While I at I will also make this of list of newspapers etc that still are on the side of the anti speed limiters.

I strongly encourage you to write to the authors of these articles and ask them why they are trying to avoid the issue. Ask them if there are trying to be "politically correct" or what and in general give them a hard time.

Boardwatch Magazine (Nov95): Babb's Bookmarks: The WWW Speedtrap Registry

by Chris Babb,, pg 39

In this review of the WWW Speedtrap Registry Chris clearly states that he has a radar detector however at the same time he clearly avoids saying that speed limits are artificially low. He instead states, "With some local yokels using speed traps as a cash cow and actually having the gall to stop people for going 1 mph over the posted limit (ridiculous but true), the need for a site like this is real."

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