States' Attitudes Towards Speed Limits: News Summary

This list gives a quick overview of what is happening in the states in terms of speed limits. Only states with something happening within the last 6 months are listed. Click on the state's name for more detailed information If you know of anymore up-to-date information please let me know at, or by using this form.

For more detailed information on all the states please see the detailed list. For a general summary of States' Attitudes Towards Speed Limits in chart form see the summary version.

Latest Changes (Ones in Bold and Stared Indicate a Significant Change)

2/1/98: NJ*, VA*
12/19/98: NJ

More Changes

[Daytime Speed Limit Map (sl-attu2.gif)] (Other Maps)

Kansas (7/13/97)

Louisiana (7/02/97)

Maine (9/6/97)

Maryland (12/13/97)

Minnesota (7/02/97)

New Jersey (2/1/97)

Ohio (9/6/97)

Oregon (7/13/97)

Texas (9/6/97)

Virginia (1/01/98)

West Virginia (12/13/97)

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Special thanks to the National Coalition for the Abolition of Speed Limits (NCASL) and the National Motorist Association (NMA) for providing a lot of this info. The NCASL is a newly formed group that advocates the abolition of all speed limits except in large cities, business districts, and residential areas. For more information see there web page at The NMA is the only real drivers rights organization in North America. They are the ones that got the NMSL repealed in the first place. For more information see there web page at or contact them at 608/849-6000;; or 6678 Pertzborn Road, Dane, Wisconsin 53529.

All of the information in this chart comes from official or semi-official sources.

some of the sources for the post-NMSL data:
"A state-by-state look at speed limits" by the associated press, USA Today Online
"DOA States" by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (

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