Speed Limits Etc. FAQ

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Table of Contents:

Speed does not kill

Speed does not kill, running into things kills.

The 85th percentile rule

The 85th percentile rule is considered the upper bound of the 10mph pace, or otherwise known as the prevailing speed of traffic. The 67th percentile rule is considered the lower bound of the 10mph pace.

Setting speed limits at the 85th percentile speed caused the least accidents and promotes the smoothes traffic flow. A federal study proves that.

Driving the limit is often MORE dangerous

Why? Because most of the time you are going against the natural flow of traffic and there for creating the least amount of problems if you go the speed limits others will have to pass you. Studies have proven that.

National Motorist Association

The only real powerful origination protecting drivers rights. Responsible for the 65mph speed limit and the pending complete repeal of the NMSL.



Once our friend but now our enemies. The once upon a time before the 55 mandate supported the 85th percentile rule now they became "goodie too shows" and are against the repeal.