Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

"Speed-related" accidents or deaths are generally defined as 'exceeding 
the posted limit.'    Well, it's not too hard to see that with 
unreasonably low limits, the amount of 'speed-related' deaths and 
accidents will be high.   This is all part of an effort to 'demonize' 
speed.  The federal government (NHTSA) is starting a "Speed Management"  
dis-information program designed to slow you down.  They're doing info 
commercials, -generou$- ca$h donations to law enforcement agencies to run 
speed traps, etc.    In CT they gave the CT state cops $750,000 to do 
saturation enforcement of 55 earlier this year.  Over the memorial day 
weekend, they recorded 33% more tickets and 67% more accidents!  So much 
for "55 saves lives".

People don't realize that there is a vast difference between "speeding" 
and "traveling too fast for conditions."  You are speeding at 66 mph on I-
90 here in Wisconsin, but at the same time you're not traveling too fast 
for conditions (usually), so you're hardly being dangerous by exceeding 
the limit.   HOwever, you can be traveling 40 mph on that same road and 
be traveling too fast for conditions.  Snowstorm anyone?  Maybe rain or 

You can help put an end to this persecution of motorists.  The National 
Motorists Association is the only organization fighting to preserve 
drivers' rights.

Join the NMA! $29/yr.  800-882-2785
National Motorists Association   BYBL43A@prodigy.com

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