Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

The report that Mike is responding to studied driver responses to altered 
speed limits at 227 sites in 22 states over 5? years.  The engineers 
raised limits as much as 15 mph and lowered them as much as 20.  Result?  
Traffic speed either increased or decreased less than 1.5 mph.  They also 
found that speed limits are in most cases posted 10-15 mph below the 85th 
percentile speed, sometimes as low as the 30th percentile or lower.  

However, that report has been covered up by the Fed. Highway Admin. since 
it's findings state things contrary to what the "speed kills" safety 
nazis want to hear.  If you call them with that report #, they still 
won't know about it.  But we @ the National MOtorists Association do!  :-

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