Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

In article <DBDv1x.9G9@mail.auburn.edu>, watfojw@mail.auburn.edu (John W Watford) writes:
> The danger lies in people driving 60mph in a area where everyone else is 
> driving 75.  
  Perhaps it is time to start digging out any old 1950s and 60s copies
of Popular Science and Pop. Mechanix you might have in your attic and
reading up on various ideas people had to deal with this particular
  One item might be a highway system designed with three lanes in each
direction, each lane for a certain speed range. The rightmost lane,
the exit/entry lane, would be for 60mph and under. The middle lane
is for 100mph but over 50mph, and the leftmost lane has no speed limit,
but for over 90mph.
  The strict rules employed in Germany would probably be very helpful
in keeling things in control: You do not block lanes.. if you are in
the unlimited lane and someone is moving up on you, you must move
move out of the way if possible or risk an expensive fine. Signalling
is an absolute must, or you also get a big fine, etc.

  Perhaps a driver certification course and color-coded license
plates would help reduce problems. Uncertified people must stay in
the slower lanes or get big fines, while certified drivers can go
any speed. The certification would be a driving school where people
are taught how to deal with problems like high speed blowouts,
hydroplaning, and other emergency situations.
  This would definitely reduce accidents since people would have the
hands-on experience to be able to deal with problems. Retesting
every ten years or so, to brush up on skills and find those no longer
capable (due to age and whatnot) of handling such high speeds would
also help deal with problems..