Re: Why do you need to pass that person?

In article <FIOCCA.95Jul27143515@atlantis.ukraine.corp.mot.com>,
Jim Fiocca <fiocca@ukraine.corp.mot.com> wrote:
>turns green, you intend to try to pass that person in the right lane,
>cut over, hit your brakes, and make your right turn.

I probably wouldn't do it, but if someone's got enough power to zip
by me so that I don't have to slow down for them, they can go right
ahead and do it.  If they're good it may even be fun to watch.  But
if they blow the turn and I have to drive through their shattered
remains I will not be a happy motorist.

Um, maybe if it's a Yugo at the light I'd do it. 

> - ????? Why ????? -

Testosterone, I guess.

Dave Heisterberg