Re: Why do you need to pass that person?

On 27 Jul 1995, Jim Fiocca wrote:

> 1) You're coming up to the last stop light prior to your needing to turn
> right.  The light turns red, there is one person in front of you who has
> been going a reasonable 5 mph over the limit.  You notice that the left
> lane is clear, so you cut over - knowing full well that when the light
> turns green, you intend to try to pass that person in the right lane,
> cut over, hit your brakes, and make your right turn.
>  - ????? Why ????? -

    I may be in a hurry from the police, my wife/girlfriend, to hospital, 
etc, etc.  The person maybe going too slow for me.  Maybe I am one of 
those people who has to be first.  Maybe I had a bad day and I want to be 
an asshole and feel like I finally got over someone.  They can be many 

> 2) It's rush hour.  Everyone is going about the same reasonable speed of
> about 5 mph over the limit, so the excuse "they're driving too slow" is
> not applicable.  You're approaching a red light on a two-lane road that
> you know is about to merge into one lane shortly after the light (right
> lane ends).  1, 2, or maybe 3 cars are already stopped in the left lane
> and the right lane is clear.  Why do you pull up in the right lane
> intending to pass and get in front of those 1, 2, 3, or more cars that
> got there before you?  Do you realize that the Internet wouldn't work if
> the bits that make up these messages had the same disrespect for basic
> queuing theory?
> - confused
  Same as above.  You need people like this in order to appreciate it 
when someone does not do things like this.  If everyone did the same 
thing all the time, then you would take it for granted.  Next time 
someone tries to do any of the above, jump out in front of them like a 
bat out of hell.  I do this and it makes my day :-).  Of course, you run 
the risk of the above mentioned as*hole steering out of control.  It's 
your choice!

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