Re: Why do you need to pass that person?

Geoff Miller was bragging about his irresponsible driving
habits and I afraid that people might not understand him
clearly because his language was so self-serving and
obfuscatory. I have translated his comments into plain
english here.

>fiocca@ukraine.corp.mot.com (Jim Fiocca) asks:

>> 1) You're coming up to the last stop light prior to your needing to turn
>> right.  The light turns red, there is one person in front of you who has
>> been going a reasonable 5 mph over the limit.  You notice that the left
>> lane is clear, so you cut over - knowing full well that when the light
>> turns green, you intend to try to pass that person in the right lane,
>> cut over, hit your brakes, and make your right turn.
>> - ????? Why ????? -

Geoff says:
>Because I accelerate more briskly than most drivers do, and it's annoying
>to be caught behind a sluggard even for a short distance.

Translation: Unlike most drivers, I don't care a whit about wasting
gas or creating pollution. I'm more interested in power games. I am
so impatient that I can't tolerate anyone who doesn't drive the way
I do. 

>> 2) It's rush hour.  Everyone is going about the same reasonable speed of
>> about 5 mph over the limit, so the excuse "they're driving too slow" is
>> not applicable.  

Geoff says:
>Says who?  Five mph over the limit is "reasonable" by whose standards?
>Actually, the question of the speed's reasonableness is immaterial.
>If I want to go faster than the a particular group of cars is moving,
>then that's all the justification I need to pass those cars.  

Translation: I am an arrogant jerk who feels he is above the law.

Geoff says:
>What you're overlooking is that different people are comfortable at
>different speeds and rates of acceleration.

Translation: I am an arrogant jerk who feels he is better than
everyone else. I use this to justify ignoring the law. I also use
it to justify being rude and inconsiderate to my inferiors (i.e.

>> You're approaching a red light on a two-lane road that you know is
>> about to merge into one lane shortly after the light (right lane 
>> ends).  1, 2, or maybe 3 cars are already stopped in the left lane
>> and the right lane is clear.  Why do you pull up in the right lane
>> intending to pass and get in front of those 1, 2, 3, or more cars
>> that got there before you? 

Geof says:
>To get ahead of them and into the clear, of course.  If I pass those
>obstacles^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hcars, then I'll be free to drive faster
>than they are until I come up behind the next slowpoke -- at which
>point I'll deal with the situation as conditions permit.

Translation: I am an impatient jerk who just cannot stand to drive
behind someone else even if there's no long-term gain by passing
them. I am so self-centered and intolerant (being a good Newt fan)
that I have no patience for anyone who isn't as crazy as I am. If
anyone slows me down for a second I call them selfish, inconsiderate
road hogs. Now THAT'S a good example of the pot calling the kettle