Re: VASCAR: Is it contestable?

VASCAR is an overrated stopwatch that's easy to fudge the outcome in an 
undetectable way.  How?  The operator starts the timer after you cross 
one timing mark, and stops it before you cross the other.  (In some 
states such as California, marking the road at predetermined intervals 
constitutes a speed trap, which is illegal!)

Say he's entered teh distance (between markers) into the computer as 500 
feet.  If he starts the timer late and stops it early, the resulting 
speed readout will be erroneous because the timed distance did not equal 
the measured distance.  THe computer, however, won't know.  (GIGO=garbage 
in, garbage out)

If VASCAR was used properly it would be deadly, since it can be used 
while the cop is moving with or against traffic, while he's sitting, etc. 
I know one attorney in PA who, when he was a prosector, stopped doing 
VASCAR cases because it was so inaccurate.

NMA keeps a list of attorneys (he's on it) and rents a legal resource kit 
that contains info on VASCAR, operator's manual, etc.  However, both are 
available only to members. Stop by the web page for more info.

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