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FAQ -- rec.gardens.ecosystems: Appendix B

Recommended Reading

Several books in our recommended reading list can be ordered at a discount at the Internet BookShop (IBS). Following the links oblige you to nothing, but rather present the discount order list at IBS. The discount offered is 10% unless indicated otherwise.

Most of the books are also available from Webgardens which provide their own reviews of the books as well. Depending on your location on earth, either IBS or Webgardens may turn out cheaper.

(A.) Environmentally Friendly Gardening; General Principals

(B.) Soils and Soil Science

(C.) Compost and Composting

(D.) Plant Nutrition

(E.) Cultural Practices

(F.) Botany for Home Gardeners

(G.) Plant and Soil Disease

(H.) Plant and Soil Pests

(I.) Weed Control

(J.) Gardening for Wildlife

(K.) Growing Edible Crops

(L.) Ecology

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