Kautuvam Aalrippu - A dance form with rhythamic syllables interpersed between the lyrics in praise of various Gods, the Kautuvam is performed in praise of Lord Siva which is followed by Aalrippu which is primarily an invocatory piece. Hansadhvani Adi Talam
Jathiswaram - It is more difficult item of pure dance executed to a time measure which is combination of swara and passages. Vasanta Rupaka Talam
Sabdam - in Sabdam abhinaya or expresssion play an important part, generally the composition for a Sabdam is in praise of a God or a King.  This piece "Deva Deva" is a composition in Tamil language and is in praise of Lord Karthikeya. Kambodi Misra Chapu
Kasturitilakam Rangamalika
Maduranagarilo - Various shades of feeling and emotions are expressed through Abhinaya in Padam. Ananda Bhairavi Adi Talam
Tilana - It is a brisk piece of pure dance where time measure (Tal and Laya) gains importance and statuesque poses and beauty of movements combined to make it an attractive finale. Dhanasree Adi Talam
Kuratti (Gypsy) - It is a nomads dance of South India, they are devotee of Lord Siva, they move from one place to another for some or the other reason. Ananda Bhairavi


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