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Sam Neill Miscellaneous Images -- Fan Art

This Tarot Card set was designed by Karen Dietrich "to meet the challenge that [a tarot card set based on the works of Sam Neill] could be done -- with all seriousness. The relation between the film and television titles chosen are not arbitrary in relation to traditional imagery and meaning -- the serious searcher will, I believe, not be disappointed with this latest reinterpretation and any fan of Sam Neill will, I sincerely hope, be pleased with the fact that this actor has such a diverse resume that a selection of his films can -- as these twenty-two cards represent -- cover everyperson's journey through life!"

Credits: Karen Dietrich. Logo designed by Cathy. Please do not reproduce these pictures without permission from the original artist.
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Legend: Tarot Card Name - Film Name - Motto

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The Fool - The Blood of Others - My choice is my journey (79K) The Magician - Merlin - The universe within me (77K) The High Priestess - Cinema of Unease - Quiet wisdom (62K)
The Empress - Country Life - The sensual world (100K) The Emperor - Snow White: A Tale of Terror - The power of the patriarch (78K) The Hierophant - Ivanhoe - The boundaries of tradition (68K)
The Lovers - Enigma - I listen to my heart (76K) The Chariot - Dead Calm - I take control (84K) Justice - A Cry in the Dark - Justice (76K)
The Hermit - The Piano - I am my solitude (73K) Wheel of Fortune - Death in Brunswick - Anything can happen (96K) Strength - The Horse Whisperer - My gentleness is my strength (68K)
The Hanged Man - The Hunt for Red October - I free myself from fear (88K) Death - Until the End of the World - Total change (89K) Temperance - Jurassic Park - Whatever you push will push back (79K)
The Devil - Omen III - Magical materialism (100K) The Tower - Possession - We build and we destroy (79K) Star - For Love Alone - Hope (73K)
Moon - In the Mouth of Madness
Intuition and crazy wisdom (79K)
Sun - Restoration
Attainment (71K)
Judgment - Event Horizon
I am my own god (66K)
The World - Reilly: Ace of Spies -
I am victorious (56K)
Please do not reproduce these pictures without permission from the original artist. Thank You.

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