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This server was created as an enthusiastic effort of Sergei Naumov, a graduate student on the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The server contains different materials relevant to Russia. I am not trying to catch up all the information, on the contrary, I will limit myself to more specific, cultural oriented subjects, and I desire to keep this spirit in future. You will find images, music, poetry here.

I have to point out that many of the Russian servers abroad are usually created by immigrants. I do not consider myself as one, although in different reviews I am constantly mentioned as belonging to this group of people. So, I ask those who are reviewing my pages take this into account -- I am just a guest here: he came, he went!

I also intend to discuss russification issues, for I noticed a real lack of people's understanding how these things have to be worked out, and worked out right.

Before you actually rush into the world of the server here is some words about the name. The word Dazhdbog is very ancient; it's a name of one of the Gods in pagan beliefs of my ancestors. Here is a little excursion into the mythology of Russians and about Dazhdbog . This little article also tells you why Russians are called Russians, where the name Rus did come from. In ancient manuscripts,though, all Russians are called Grandchildren of Dazhdbog. This represents a manner of relations with Gods that my ancestors believed in. The ones are quite unique and not found in any other World religions.

Because of its hypermedia structure and my personal tastes, the server will definitely not contain "everything" you might want to see, but... it will contain as much pointers to other places as possible, so you could travel through. I am also trying to keep an eye on WWW sites in Russia, although it's kind of hard: WWW stuff is rapidly developing area of human interests.

For those who can not access clickable maps in their browser, there is an opportunity do swim through the server in a regular manner. There are following sections:

Daily News Hot Topics
Political Materials Law
Day-to-day Life Science
Literature Music
Electronic Exhibitions Russian Humor
Russian Networks and other Info Software You Need
Miscellaneous Things

NOTE !!! Much of the materials you can find here is in Russian. If you don't know how to force Mosaic or Netscape to display Cyrillic letters, you definitely have to take a look to the section of the server that explains the russification details.

This server is supported by Sergei Naoumov. If you have any complains, suggestions, please, feel free to write to serge@metalab.unc.edu.