In this, I would daresay, a special section of the server Dazhdbog's Grandchildren, I am going to try to present very small pieces of my home. Of course, it's not possible to show everything but I'll try, as much as I can, to give you a feel and a taste of Russia.

I had more materials and pictures to scan but my apartment got flooded in August 1995, and most of the stuff was irreversibly lost. I had, although, another smaller file with materials in my office, so this is what I'll be doing soon until I get more things from home.

If you wish to make a contribution to a pocket of a poor grad suffered from the flood, do so! :-)

Here they come:

Our heroic capital Moscow
The heart of Russia, Kremlin with its Churches and Towers
A great city of Peter I, Saint Peterbsurg
My home city, Rostov-on-Don
Sholokhov's home.
The Holy Russ.
Masterpieces of ancient Russian Painting.
Palekh Paintings
Pictures of Russian history (by S.V. Ivanov)
Yasnaya Poliana (Lev Tolstoy's house).
Konstantin Vasiliev's exibition.
I.K. Aivazovski's gallery

And here, there is a list of electronic expositions in Russia that I have collected:

Window To Russia
Pskov, its Kremlin, etc.(Russian)
Saint Petersburg
Virtual Exhibition by RASER
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (at RoSprint)
A little excursion to Irkutsk (also has info about Baikal)
A collection of Russian Icons at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow, Russia