This section collects samples of Russian litarature. Of course, you won't be able to find Tolstoy around here: get the book and read it. What is presented is mostly an "art of ordinary people" that I have collected but famous people are peresented as well.

For Copyright lovers! The materials here are not produced by me. They are collected all over the net. In some cases of books that were prohibited for publishing during the Soviet era, electronic versions appeared in Samizdat. Sometimes it was even encouraged by authors.

You most definitely want to browse in the Literature section on the Russia On-Line Web server. The collection belongs to Eugene Peskin. All questions should be addressed to him.

Stephany Gould has given us a very well organized and maintained The Pushkin Page. You can find original texts, biography (in English), photos and a lot of other interesting things.

I am also mirroring a very large literature archive at SymPad, Moldova. I, however, convert them to KOI-8, as they are originally in ALT. Because the amount of data is large, I will not offer a WWW access to the data in the near future -- only FTP -- but I will provide a small index. Many texts in this collection are Russian science fiction that is almost completely unknown in the West. There are also a few novells by Dostoevski, Chekhov, several poems by Pushkin, Lermontov, etc.

A. Farber in Germany has his own literature page. This place is bi-ligual: Russian and English.

Go to Nabla Kvadrat page.

M.I.P. Company invites you to visit their page where they present what they publish -- Russian controversial literature.