And this is me, your Sergei... Geee!


Well, here is my picture: not really impressive but what did you really expect? Some fancy guy? No, I do not belong to these kind of people, so I put these words aside of me. Like 'em?

I very much love to walk alone somewhere in woods, on a sea beach, in mountains or at least somewhere in a quite place, listen quite music (New Age or something like that -- Yanni, Enya Mike Oldfield or Jarre is good) but sometimes I go to rock: tastes differ, don't you agree?

I also hate cynicism and people who always pretend to be very important.

What else? When I was a kid I practiced fencing, and now I turned to a sword. Yes, I have an actual one. It's a light Japaneese 40" sword as it is easier to handle, although eventually I am planning to leave these Asian things and use an old good heavy Russian sword.

I graduated from Rostov State University in Russia in the year of 1992 (Rostov-on-Don is on the South of Russia. Look not far away from the Black Sea, near that point where river Don falls into the Sea of Azov!) and I believe that this is one of the unique universities where faculty members and students have very warm and informal relations. Someone from Moscow will tell you a lot of stories about so-called high standards and other stuff like that but, hey, don't believe them: Moscovites love to boast a lot and, as life shows, there are a lot of smart people who do not live in our greatest capital.

Here, in US, I'm a temporary guest, being a graduate student at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am fighting to get my PhD in astrophysics. What am I doing there? Well, let's pretend that I work on physics of galaxies. I want to know why they are like we see them, how they did originate. For the fellow collegues or people who know what I'm talking about, I say that my PhD thesis is about thick disk of the Milky Way. I am collecting a large (about 2000 stars) unbiased sample of G-dwarfs with metallicity and kinematics derived from echelle spectra. If you need more, write me and we'll discuss it. I am also very much interested in cosmology, modern field theories, gravity and human brain physiology.I believe in the World Anthropic Principle and think that it should be seriousely consedered by physicists. Don't argue now and don't yell at me --- we could productively talk.

In a free time I'm trying to catch up with things that are going on at home, so in early 1993 with the help of Amazing Workstation Development Group at OIT I have established this WWW server. I call the server Dazhdbog's Grandchildren which is basically a reflection of my vision of Russia. Take into account that sometimes I'm busy with my PhD and can't keep the server in a best shape. I'm trying, though.

I also like to play with computers and I am a UNIX person, hate DOS, Windows and everything that leads to it. Having a PC at home and trying to hide a stupid IBM architecture, I'm running Linux on it. Swimming in the Interenet is also one of the things I love to do, although, I must admit, it gets more and more silly and approaches a status of the new way to waste time. So, you see, sometimes my nights are quite busy because of two reasons: professional and traffic on the net. I am also a b-i-i-i-g lover of C++ and LaTeX, and I advise everybody to love them both too.

Astrophysics and computers are not all I'm after in this life. I could say that I am an ameteur phycologist but this is a way too much. Well, to be honest, this subject is attractive for me. It happened after I came back from the Army -- yes, I served for 14 month... as a technician of jets, so I saw a gun only two times during my service and proudly made 9 shots from it! Philosophy and history are the things that I study a lot. My point is a pagan history of ancient Russia. I bet you do not even imagine how big and unknown for general public (even at home) the subject is. I also know ancient Russian fairly well and study Sanskrit: the former and Russian have a lot in common. I also study World religions and have some interesting observations. That leads me to a dream to visit Greece and India at some point. Right after I figure out my thesis, let's hope, I'll come back home through Greece itself, Crete and India. Promice!

Well, enough! I can talk forever, and you are already tired. So, I wish you all the best and let your wishes and dreams come true!

Write me if you want to