Soundracks from popular Russian movies

"Gardenarini, Vpered!" (Forward, Gardemarins!). Gardemarins were cadets in a school of Russian Navy in the times of the Great Princess Elizaveta (XVIII century).

"Tri Mushketera" (Three Musketeers) with M. Boyarski, S. Smekhov, L. Durov, at. el. I guess this one does not need special introduction! Digitization went from an old LP that I found, so... the quality... Occasionaly you will hear the clicks.

"Brilliantovaia Ruka" (Diamond Hand) is a very old comedy with A. Mironov, M. Papanov and other famous actors.

"Ivan Vasilievich Meniaet Professiu" (Ivan Vasilievich changes his job) is a fiction made in 60th. By the means of time travel, Tsar Ivan the Terrible travels to the future, whereas another person travels back in time. This exchenage creates all sorts of funny scenes.

"Prikliuchenia Shurika" (Shurik's Adventures) is a very funny old (60th also) comedy about a young intelligent guy who sometimes looks totally dumb. All actores are famous.

"Mary Poppins" is a Russian version of the famous English story. The movie is made in the style of musicle.

"Dostoianie Respubliki" (A Republic's posession):

"Sobaka na Sene" (The dog on the Straw) is my favorite. It is a version of the Spanish Lopa de Vega's novell about a rich women (M. Terekhova) who falls in love with her secreatary (M. Boyarsky). The authors were shooting in Crimea: all kinds of beautiful scences with woods, sea, mountains, etc.

"Neulovimie Mstiteli" is a movie about the Russian Civil War. The idea is pretty revolutionary (communist ideology, etc.) but the song from there is nice.