A Collection of Russian Music

This part of Dazhdbog's Grandchildren is fully devoted to the music of different sorts and tastes. Well, of course, in a sense it represents my taste. You won't probably find a rock here because of several reasons: I do not lesten it very often, and, mostly important it is a highly copyrighted thing, so I don't want to risk to pull an anger of producers.
The part called "Author Music" is a music that is rarely or never known to a wide Russian public and, of course, it is completely unknown to Americans. So, get the opportunity! The quality of the songs is rather different: it mostly represent the hardware/software I was able to put my hands on.

You can also listen live popular and classical music. Radio Station "Silver Rain" broadcasts more popular stuff, whereas "Radio 101" provides more variaty: popular, classical music, news, video digest. It also provides with the currency exchange rates and other stuff.