This part of the Grandchildren keeps information that usually can not be found in default places. The reason is that Internet is mostly English based and people do not pay much attention to other languages (bad, isn't it?), so the information sort of slips away. Well, here I am trying to compensate this hole and would like to give a certain advice about resources on the Net relevant to Russia. I can not guarantee, however, the completeness and "freshness" of this information: it is hard to keep up even when constantly looking for. It could be useful if you are planning to visit Russia and use the net: services, prices, etc. Some of the servers operate in Russian (many in Russia, of course), so make sure your client, Mosaic or Netscape, is able to display cyrillic letters.

First of all, WWW servers.

NOTE: More comprehensive list of Russian Internet resources can be found at SovAm Teleport on It includes a list of Gopher and FTP servers that I did not bother to put here.

You can also use xSU/RU Network Information Center to search for IP numbers, persons, etc.

You also can travel to Kansas entering a database collected by Wayne Chinander. Login as ex-ussr and you'll find a lot of useful things about leaders of the republics, etc.

An FTP server at Ohio State University. has a lot of different software for "russification". Someone looking for MS-DOS stuff will find a lot of useful things there.

For those of you who is interested in Political Studies, there exists a gopher server with a whole bunch things. Click and fall down there.

Russian Far East Exchange. This Gopher is a education oriented. It also has some nice pictures and maps of Russian Far East.