Unix gets to know Russian

This is basically a matter of localization. I believe that under Linux it is done in the most correct way. If you are working with this OS, read Linux Cyrillic HOWTO. The document describes general localization: how to set up LANG, LC_CTYPE, etc.
Because most other Unices do not have ru_SU.KOI-R locale set up correctly, you can very well live with the following (presuming it is csh):
	% stty cs8 -istrip
	% setenv LC_CTYPE iso_8859_1
	% setenv LESSCHARSET latin1
This is pretty much it. Most of you will work with X, so setting up fonts will be a prerogative of this environment. Russifying dumb terminals does not make much sense these days, so I won't bother myself with that subject. I used to have a few programs that would do it for Wyse terminals. If you wish, you might want to browse in this directory. If you have a system administrator privelegies you might want to set up the locales correctly.