USENET in Russian

The situation here is not as complicated as with mail because news readers use a different protocol, namely NNTP, and do not requite sendmail. If you are using TIN or XRN you are Ok. You don't have to do anything except allowing 8th bit go through and loading fonts (see other sections of "How to russify your software").

However, I must warn you about several things:

More or less "up-to-date" list of Relcom newsgroups can be found here, on I update it periodically: once a month. You can get the newest one sending a line "LIST relcom.*" as a message to the Relcom's central news server

Note: If you are interested in Ukrainian newsgroups, they are broadcasted to Relcom and USENET as well. Send "LIST ukr.*" to the same server to get a list. These groups use Ukrainian language as an "official". They have a slightly different way of representing characters, as there is some difference between the two languages. Ask there for details. I think Ukrainians will "live over" if you write them in Russian asking how to do it in Ukrainian :-).

Note: fido7.* newsgroups are not currently broadcasted to the whole USENET because the traffic is really heavy and backbones are overloaded. Wait until new better links will be on-line. You could, read these groups on Russian servers, though.