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Welcome to Fayetteville and the 2007 SIMC-XIV conference.

Today, SIMC stands for "Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conferences". When it was initiated in 1980, SIMC stood for "Semi-insulating III-V Materials Conferences". While the SIMC conference theme has evolved over time, there is one thing that has not changed, that is the SIMC aims to be a premier conference series to build bridges between materials research and application. This defines the multidisciplinary nature of the SIMC series, engaging a diverse audience of researchers with background in Materials, Physics, Chemistry and/or Engineering. The conference also encourages a broad international participation and so it is not surprising for the SIMC attendees to find themselves under the same roof with a diverse group from as many as 20 nations.

To continue the tradition, the SIMC-XIV conference will highlight recent advances in semiconducting and insulating materials and applications. While retaining long-standing topics that have become well established throughout the 26-year SIMC history, the scientific sessions will also encompass many new and developing topics, including wide bandgap compound semiconductors, low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures, functional nanomaterials, and complex oxide materials.

The University of Arkansas is privileged to host this event. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share our beautiful Northwest Arkansas with you. Beyond the well-prepared topical sessions, there will be a range of other exciting events for you to get out and about and enjoy our city, the Ozark Mountain and the sparking lakes.

We hope that everyone attending will find this conference, - and the visit to Fayetteville - exciting, productive, and enjoyable.

Gregory J. Salamo
SIMC-XIV-2007 Conference Chair


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