Intranet Portals

I'm developing several web-based applications for my $EMPLOYER, using GPL tools, code and LAMPS. So far, I have:

1. Athena Web Portal

This is a web portal that I developed in PHP for our intranet. Athena Portal provides front-ends to MySQL RDBMS. It uses user/password authentification. Athena Portal keeps track of who, when and why changed any database record. Thus, it provides accountability and transparency.

Athena Screenshots

2. Paradox replacement with LAMPS (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server)

Working for a replacement for an old Paradox database, I've developed another interesting application for our intranet. As you can guess after seeing the screenshots, I've reused code as much as possible. This has meant lower time from request to application

Paradox Screenshots

3. eRUDY: e-Radiology Useful Data Analysis

Still another application. This one keeps control of patients and visits for an Interventional Radiology Clinic. Again, I re-used as much code as possible from the previous projects. Thus, the application went 'live' very fast, with little problems, as the code has been validated and in use in other projects.

eRUDY Screenshots

eRUDY 2006

I've started merging code from ticket2 to eRUDY, plus adding the image upload functionality. HEre are the screenshots:

4. PHPticket "New Generation"

The original project PHPticket now is in my hands, as the origianl developer and maintainer has no more time for PHPticket.

I've evolved the original code with the lessons learned with the other projects (Athena Web Portal, Paradox replacement, eRUDY). As soon as possible, I'll build a release, so a new version of PHPticket will be available for download.

PHPticket - New Generation Screenshots

5. The future

The future will be all those projects moved to CSS+XHTML, like is seen in this prototype: