Researcher/news library news

Researcher/news library news:

These are both passed on to Newslib-L from UNC’s Barbara Semonche:

UNC-Chapel Hill professor of Information and Library Science, Deborah Barreau’s article on her research about news librarians’ managment models appeared in the April 2004 issue of “Information Outlook.”

Barreau focused on two types of news organizations (those with

centralized research centers and those with researchers assigned to news reporting/editorial teams). She gathered data from four newspapers every day for three months, September 1 to November 30 2002. The stories were analyzed to identify content and focus, to identify the author/authors and their roles, and to identify anyother individuals who contributions are acknowledged in a tagline at the end of the stories.

Barreau states “The purpose of this analysis was to see if

researchers are credited for their contributions more often in organizations where they are assigned to editorial teams.” She offers

some interesting results from data collected from the newspaper articles and surveys of reporters and researchers, but summarizes “. . . . “What we can conclude from the study is that no model is a panacea. Organizations differ, and the best solutions will be those that fit the particular situation.”

Nevertheless, the article is worth examining carefully. If you are not a member of SLA (Special Libraries Association) contact a colleague who is. For those attending the SLA conference in Nashville, Prof. Barreau is on the program.


More good news. This time it’s about Jill Konieczko (with the U.S. News & World Report library) earning the H.W. Wilson Company Award for her series of outstanding articles published in the January & February 2003 issues of Information Outlook.

Jill collaborated on these two articles, “Information Centers that Innovate” and “Customized Products and Tools,” with Cynthia Powell, an independent public relations consultant. SLA members can read these articles posted on SLA’s web site

The Baltimore Sun’s library and information services department, under Sandy Levy’s leadership, is singled out for substantive praise.

I hope that we can see Jill and Cynthia at the SLA conference and toast their significant contributions to the scholarship about excellence and innovation in news research.

It seems to me that a growing number of our News Divison members are doing important publishing (books, articles, research studies) in recent years. At the risk of omitting a few names I’ll single out such contributors as:

Nora Paul

Kathleen Hansen

Anne Mintz

Gary Price

Margot Williams

Linda Amster

Surely there are more. I’d like to hear about them. Please eel

free to post additional names to this list. These authors of scholarly and trade articles deserve recognition.

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