SLA Conference 2003 Update

On the road:

Just successfully made a wireless connection in the LaGuardia terminal (AA). This is the first time I’ve done this outside of the Herald newsroom! A new milestone!

Traffic outside the Marriott was incredible this afternoon and the three of us who finally shared a cab to the airport feared we’d miss our flights for awhile, after waiting for shuttles/cab for at least an hour. But all turned out well.

I hope you all got to catch the Webcast of Gary and Marydee’s talk this afternoon, because people in the building got left out. It was obviously a much too small room, and a late venue change, so I hope the Webcast got set up OK.

I did sit outside in the hall for awhile and Gary was talking about some fascinating things. Some news division members saw other Gary Price talks and found them incredibly interesting. Lu-Ann Farrar from Lexington told me she was thrilled to learn about, among other things.

We had a great discussion of repurposing archives this afternoon, too. Ginny Everett, Leigh Montgomery, Sharon Clairmont, and Claire Wollen described how they have all become devoted to making money and marketing, particulary with photo sales. Fascinating. At our paper, we did all this once and then stopped most of it. I expect we’ll be going back to it. Everyone seems to be.

The international panel was fascinating too. Laura Soto-Barra described the functions of a news library in Ecuador that’s doing some amazing stuff. I know (having once visited some news organizations in Chile) that Latin newspapers have incredible plants and technology, many having gotten help and advice from the IAPA: Laura’s experience confirms that.

Will Roestenburg described his Dutch newspaper group and their functions. Another speaker from the Netherlands discussed the corporate intranet and research functions of KPMG.

–Liz Donovan

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