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Like Liz, I hope this blog is not seen as a competitor to the venerable NewsLib mailing list. A blog is a different kind of communication form: part diary, part annotated bibilography, part soapbox. An email list serves the needs of professionals who post questions and requests that require an immediate, informed response from other professionals. Blog entires don’t demand such a response. This blog is a good conduit for daily conference reports, and I think it’s a good place for links to news and opinion about the news industry (as well as news research). So with that segue…

Some Net observers are saying webloggers played a role in forcing Raines and Boyd to resign their posts at the New York Times. I don’t know if that’s really true. But the idea of blogs and other Internet feedback helping to shape news events is the thesis of a future book by San Jose Mercury News tech columnist Dan Gillmor. In the Internet Age, says Gillmor, anyone can be his own news reporter/editor and this home-grown news production actually has an impact on the way traditional media outlets cover the news. His book is tentatively called “Making the News: What Happens to Journalism and Society When Every Reader Can Be a Writer (Editor, Producer, Etc.).” What’s interesting is Gillmor has invited his readers to help him research the book by sending him ideas and comments about the topic. There’s a detailed book outline which is worth reading, if you’re interested in how the Net shapes journalism.

Pete Basofin, Sacramento

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