Thoughts about blogs

Mucho kudos to Liz for creating this web blog for the news research/library community. Blogs are a fascinating development on the Internet. One wonders who reads all the hundreds, if not thousands of blogs out there. Librarians have their own gallaxy of blogs. Among the many, there’s—a collection of short, often interesting news items on the profession submitted by many people.

My favorite blog is Romenesko (formerly Media News). It’s the Poynter Institute’s daily news compilation on print and broadcast journalism. Jim Romenesko offers not only links to articles, but also to unpublished letters and internal company memos. He’s not shy about covering the bickering and scandals that have shaken the industry (especially now). I often trawl Romenesko for items to post on the Sacramento Bee’s newsroom intranet. (We have a spot there for the latest newspaper news.) A lot of the news execs at the Bee read the Poynter blog religiously. You can often hear them chatting about it in the morning budget meeting. Definitely worth a look.

–Pete Basofin, Sacramento Bee

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