IRE Annual Conference 2003

An oversight:

From IRE: I failed to mention Alice Crites, of the Washington Post, who also did a panel yesterday at IRE, on investigating white collar crime.

Some interesting panels here: last night a Showcase Panel on privacy and homeland security was replaced by a panel discussing the disturbing news from the New York Times. On the panel: Geneva Overholzer, Daniel Schorr, Ford Fessenden, Mike Getler, Tom Kunkel, Hedrick Smith, and Mark Rochester. Quite a group.

News researchers met for lunch today and had some good discussions, including some new faces from outside the news research/SLA group.

Best quote from a panel so far: Pedro Armendares, of Periodistas de Investigacion, talking about online searching (he was acutally talking about digging for public records in he said, You must treat (a database) like a source: talk to it, spend time with it, away from deadline. Seduce it. You will get more from it.

I’ve just noticed that this new version of blogger doesn’t automatically put the signature of the writer, so I’ll have to remember to sign these.

–Liz Donovan, Miami Herald, from DC.

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