News Librarian Job Titles

This list of job titles is based on some questions to Newslib. To add a title to the list, please contact the News Division Webmaster.

Archives Coordinator


Assistant Chief Librarian

Assistant Librarian

Chief Librarian

Conan the Librarian

Director of Information Services

Director of Research, Archives and Archive Sales


Editor, News Research and Archives

Head Media Archivist

Information Center Director

Information Resources Specialist

Information Specialist


Library Archivists/Technicians

Library Director

Library Manager


Media Archive Director

Media Archive Manager

Media Archivist/Librarian

Media Resource Center Coordinator

News Librarian

Photo Librarian

Print & Visual Researchers

Research Coordinator

Research Directory

Research Librarian

World's Strongest Archivist

World's Strongest Librarian

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Updated 03/08/2006
Carolyn Edds