About this site

In May 2011 I began a WordPress version of the News Division Web site.  WordPress would provide a fresh look. My vision was to make links to the existing content and add new material in WordPress.  With a WordPress blog, a contributor would not need to know HTML and could easily add content to the Web site, if only a short note.  And rather than taking responsibility for a page, someone could make a blog post.  Content from some blog posts could later be used by the Web administrator(s) to update a Web page.

In December 2011 SLA required all units, chapters, etc. to host their Web sites in WordPress on the SLA server.   With about 17 years of content sitting on our original host, rather than do all the work of moving it and converting it to WordPress, a decision was made to devote this Web site to the history of news libraries and librarians.  Thus “old news” was born. This would give a new Web master on the SLA host an opportunity for a fresh start going forward.  The logo on the old Web site was at least 12 years old and the frames design was created around 2000.  So it was time for a fresh look.

If you are interested in contributing to the site, drop me a note.  Are you a retiree/former news librarian?  Send me an update on what you are doing now.  Your news librarian/researcher colleagues would love to hear from you.

Find me (Carolyn Edds) at ufriverat@gmail.com