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Posts to this category will provide an update to something related to the design or structure of the Web site.   Examples might be the addition of a link for signing up to a mailing list for updates or new categories or new menu items.

Historical Photos
When new historical photos are added to the site, a post will be added here.  Many of these photos will come from The Semonche Files.

New internships are posted here.  Most of these will have been posted to the NewsLib mailing list so if you are looking for a news library or news researcher center internship and are not subscribed to NewsLib, get signed up!  This will build a history of news library internships.

Job postings of interest to news librarians and news researchers are posted here.  Most of these are in some type of newsroom setting but occasionally jobs in other settings but are quite similar to a news library job are posted here.  This will become a historical record of jobs in the field of news librarianship.

News Library News
Many years of News Library News are available on the old Web site in searchable format.  As time allows older issues will be added to this archive.  I expect to make a lot of progress on this in 2012. 

Find here information about subscribing to NewsLib, the electronic mailing list for news librarians.  Subscribers include researchers, archivists, students, vendors, academic journalism librarians, reporters and others interested in the field of news librarianship.  Contributions to the list include questions about help with research, Web sites and research sources of interest, questions about archiving methods, sharing success stories, job and internship postings, and more.

This area is an archive of obituaries of news librarians and researchers.  Unfortunately, it may also become and archive of news libraries.  If you are a former librarian from a news library that no longer exist and would like to write an obit for it, please let me know.

Old NewsLiBlog Postings
This category takes you to the posts from the NewsLiBlog created by Liz Donovan in May 2003. The first post is here. All of these posts have been tagged so if you want to see the posts that Liz Donovan made, look under the Tags section for her name and click on it.  Jessica Baumgart was also a major contributor to the early days of NewsLiBlog

The Old Web site
Have a favorite page on the old Web site?  I’ve left it as it was on the day we made the change to WordPress.  To view the old Web site, follow this link.

NewsLib Alumni: What are they up to?
In this area, you’ll find stories and/or columns from folks who are now retired or once worked in a news library.  Many of them are off on new adventures so it will be interesting to hear what they are up to.  Are you one of them?  If you would like to write something for the blog let me know.  Not interested in writing but interested in updating us about you?  Drop me a note and I’ll interview you for a post.  Know a retiree or former news librarian involved in an interesting project?  Sends news tips to me at ufriverat@gmail.com Upon request, these tips will be anonymous. 🙂

The Semonche Files
When Barbara Semonche was the director of the Park Library at the UNC-CH School of Journalism and Mass Communication, she created several Web pages devoted to news librarians and researchers.  These were an awesome historical record of the profession.  Therefore I decided to refer to these at “The Semonche Files.” As time allows I will be adding as much of this material as possible to the Web site.  Occasionally as I work on other parts of the Web site, I will draw on this material to enhance that section.

Site Index
Find here a link to the site index of the old site.  Eventually I might build a site index to this site and you will find it here as well. However, with the various features of WordPress, a site index may not be necessary.

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