Choosing a Microfilm Company: Points to consider

These comments seem to have been pulled from various discussions on Newslib in the past few years.

1. Do you own the master, or does the microfilmer? Check your contract.
2. If you own it, you will obviously want to transfer it to the new microfilmer. Just be aware that you will probably have to pay for the transfer.
3. Be aware that transfer should be made under archival conditions. You don't want your masters baking in the back of a truck somewhere.
4. Be sure that in your new contract that you own the masters and that the new microfilmer will store the masters to be transferred to them.
5. I sure wouldn't give the microfilmer the copyright.

Sharon Reeves
San Diego Union-Tribune

Can they guarantee the quality of your film? How about sending extra copies to other places?

Julia Muller
Savannah Morning News

Here at the London Free Press, we run a fairly lucrative business where we pass onto the microfilming firm, orders from our customers who want reproductions of pages. We of course obtain royalties from this service. Will they offer same? Are they located close to your newspaper? Or in another city?

Also, what is their turnaround time for getting pages to you if you need a reproduction of a page? Let's say if a Publisher or Director of your company requires a page rather quickly - as they always do!!

Anita McCallum
London Free Press

What kind of royalties?

Cathy Tierney
Akron Beacon Journal

The point I would like to make is about how a new microfilm company will undertake the responsibility for taking care of the microfilm backfile. For example, with the shift from one microfilmer to another involve transporting the original archival microfilm to another secure, environmentally safe storage facility? Surely, the previous microfilmer will not be willing to store these reels for free. And if the new microfilm company will agree to transport the archival film from one storage site to another, will the transport be in air-conditioned tucks? This archival film is sensitive to light and heat and humidity.

Barbara Semonche
UNC-CH School of Journ. and Mass Comm

Who pays for the transport?

Judy Sall
Dallas Morning News

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