Newsroom Technology Training: A "Cafeteria" Model

2003 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference
News Division Session: Training the Trainers


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Table of Contents

Ideas for Our Changing World

Newsroom Technology Training: A "Cafeteria" Model

Briefly, the legacy

Early 1990's: The Indiana Conferences

Early to Late 1990's: Recognition

Mid- to Late 1990's: Shifting Job Role

In detail, the now

Begin By Being a Realist

You Are The Example

The Craft Of Teaching -- Connecting

The Now Continued

Training Methods Include:

Learning Paths

Custom Courseware For Journalists

Measurement Methods

more on the now

Follow-up Methods

Celebrating Successes

Mentors & Beta Testers

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts Continued

More Nuts and Bolts

Saving Yourself from Going Nuts!

Training-Related Annual Conferences


You Continue the Legacy

More Training Resources

You Are Not Alone

Author: Deb Wolfe


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