Complicated Vendor Feeds Process Stirs Dissent

2003 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference
News Division Program

Monday, June 9, 2003

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Table of Contents

Complicated VendorFeeds ProcessStirs Dissent

Old Process

Why create a new process?

What did it take to do this?

The Results

A plethora of possibilities

Password protection

Vendor Feeds

Resend one feed

Resend multiple feeds

Delete Orders Search Page

Delete Order Record Display

Delete Order -- Confirmation

Unlock locked documents

Check Nightly Content Summary

Change Home Page Announcement

Changing an Announcement

Fix the Home Page Caption

The Beauty of Corrections: The List

The Beauty of Corrections: Search

The Beauty of Corrections: Directory

The Beauty of Corrections: Append

The Beauty of Corrections: Verified

The Beauty of Corrections:

Corrections that aren't archived

Remove correction from list

The correction from Hell ...

... really isn't that bad


Author: Peter Johnson, Los Angeles Times


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