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Judy Vezmar (LNX) on Dutch content

Vol.27 No.2 - March/April 2003

The European Legal Information Market: An Interview with Judy Vezmar, CEO, LexisNexis Butterworths Tolley By Marydee Ojala Editor

The Netherlands is another strategic market. If you look at Dutch content, you would say, well, who cares other than people in the Netherlands, but, in fact, you have South Africa and other countries around the world where the Dutch language is understood. There'll be announcements in that area shortly that I can't really talk about today. [On December 16, 2002, LexisNexis Group announced the acquisition of FactLANE, a Dutch online news service, from PCM Uitgevers. FactLANE adds significant, unique content to the LexisNexis business intelligence product, including NRC Handelsblad and de Volkskrant.]

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