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News Division Program for the
Special Libraries Association Annual Conference 2006

June 10 - 15, 2006 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

More information about the conference, including information about hotels and online registration, is available on the Special Libraries Association Web site Baltimore 2006. SLA offers special registration deals, like a discount for early registration (which ends May 1) and a special price for attending on one day. Tickets for most ticketed events are available through SLA's registration system or sold at the conference.

If you have questions about the News Division activities available during the SLA Annual Conference, please contact Jim Hunter, chair-elect of the News Division. He is in charge of conference programming this year. His e-mail address is

More information about News Division offerings at the conference will appear on this page as information about them becomes available.

A .pdf version of the News Division activities is available in the Winter 2006 News Library News.

The News Division Suite is in room 1502 of the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, which is supposedly connected to the Convention Center. (Map) It will be open Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings until 12:00 a. Please join us! (News Division members: don't forget to pay your $25 suite fees!)

Some presentations and notes will be linked from this page as they become available.

The locations of events are subject to change.

A few people may be blogging the conference on NewsliBlog, the News Division's weblog.

Activities by Date


Additional Information

News Division Suite
Be a Mentor or Get a Mentor for the Conference
Dine Around Baltimore!
Contribute to the Silent Auction
General Baltimore Information
Getting Around Baltimore
What to Wear
What to Attend

Saturday, June 10

8:00 a-12:00 p
CE: Graphics Research: Timelines and Deadlines

Ticketed Event: Ticket # 140: $199 for members and $299 for nonmembers
Pie charts and timelines, oh my! With print, broadcast and online media using more visual information than ever, what's the best way to conquer graphics research on deadline? This session will provide you with tips for getting the data you need and also look at the latest conceptual approaches to information graphics.
Speakers: Jeanette Brown, USA Today library, Kelly Barry, USA Today deputy graphics editor, Money section
Location: TBA
Presentations: Barry's

2:00 p-4:00 p
Tour of The Baltimore Sun Library

The Baltimore Sun's Library Manager Elizabeth Lukes and her staff will host News Division members for a tour. The Sun is within walking distance of the Convention Center (about 20 minutes) and most of the conference hotels (30-45 minutes) or a short cab ride (10 minutes). There will be some parking available at the Baltimore Sun. Please RSVP to Elizabeth at
Moderator: Elizabeth Lukes, Library Manager, Baltimore Sun
Location: The Baltimore Sun, 501 North Calvert Street. Meet in the Lobby
Sponsor: MerlinOne

4:00 p-5:30 p
News Division Board meeting

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

6:00 p-9:00 p
LexisNexis(r) Reception for News Division members

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
Sponsor: LexisNexis(r)

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Sunday, June 11

8:00 a-12:00 p
CE: News Futures: Navigating the New World of Journalism and News Research

Ticketed Event: Ticket # 400: $199 for members and $299 for nonmembers
Disruptive technologies, new storytelling forms, multiple output channels, citizen reporting—all of these trends are affecting the news business. How will they affect the news library? This panel will examine two key trends: the increased call for content from outside the news organization and the crafting of new forms of digital storytelling. Through discussions with newsroom practitioners and those creating content in this new environment, the issues and opportunities for news librarians will be outlined.
Moderators: Nora Paul, Institute for New Media Studies, University of Minnesota
Speakers: Andrew Haeg, Minnesota Public Radio, Mark Potts, community journalism project; Steve Fox, politics editor,, Jane Singer, Associate Professor, University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Location: TBA
Presentations: Singer's, Haeg's , Fox's, What Happens Next? (a summary of the Q& A between participants and presenters)
Handout: Singer's

12:00 p-2:00 p
Tribune/Times news librarians

(Tribune/Times managers only)
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

2:00 p -3:30 p
LexisNexis(r) Demonstration of SmartIndexing Technology(tm)

Please join us to see how LexisNexis(r) SmartIndexing Technology(tm) on the new Nexis(r) service helps you discover the right answers quickly and easily. Learn how the Nexis service leverages that power to help users at all levels.
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

4:00 -5:00 p
News Division Web Team

If you have worked on the News Division's Web site in the past, would like to contribute in the future, or are simply interested in learning more about the site, please join the SLA News Division Web Team for their committee meeting.
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

6:00 p-12:00 am
Networking in the News Division Suite

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

6:00 p-8:00 p
Dine Around Baltimore!

An opportunity to enjoy good food and conversation with your colleages
Location: One of several fine downtown Baltimore restaurants

8:00 p-12:00 a
USA Today Dessert Reception

USA Today hosts a dessert reception for News Division members.
Speaker: Jeanette Brown, USA Today
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
Sponsor: USA Today

8:30 p
Mentors & Mentees Special Meet & Greet

Mentors & Mentees will have a Special Meet & Greet in the News Division Suite at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel. Be there!
Location: News Division Suite at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

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Monday, June 12

7:30 a-9:00 a
News Division Vendors Roundtable: What's new in the world of digitized microfilm?

Four major vendors developing and marketing digitized newspaper microfilm archives share their progress. News Division members will have an opportunity to question vendor representatives about this emerging technology and vendor market plans.
Moderator: Leigh Poitinger, Library Director, San Jose Mercury News
Speakers: Remmel Nunn, Vice President, Readex New Product Development, NewsBank Media Services; Scott Fisher, Account manager, Heritage Microfilm/; Kim Dail, Vice President of Marketing, Olive Software; Barbara Beach, Vice President of Publishing for Historical Newspapers, ProQuest Information & Learning
Location: Hyatt Ballrom A-B
Handout: What's new in the world of digitized microfilm?
Audio: What's new in the world of digitized microfilm?

9:30 a-11:00 a
History, News and Peter Drucker: The Power of Oral History

This is a two-part program that demonstrates the power of capturing and transferring oral knowledge. Part 1: Is the history of your newspaper walking out the door? As long-term employees retire, they leave with incredible stories about our news organizations, the news industry, and the people they've met along the way. At the Chicago Tribune, a new effort to capture institutional knowledge is underway, in the form of an oral history project that will incorporate written stories, questionnaires, and video. Part 2: Peter Drucker: The Ultimate Knowledge Worker. Peter Drucker had a deep appreciation of librarians, and was the keynote speaker at SLA's annual conference in 2002. The centerpiece is a 20-minute video interview Bruce Rosenstein conducted with Drucker last April, in Claremont, Calif.
Moderators: Margret Neu, Information Services Editor, Corpus Christi Caller Times; Catherine Kitchell, Senior Reference Librarian, Bureau of National Affairs Inc.
Speakers: Debra Bade, Editor, News Research and Archives, Chicago Tribune; Bruce Rosenstein, News Research Librarian, USA Today
Location: Convention Center 314
Presentations: Bade's and Rosenstein's
Interview summary: Bruce Rosenstein's summary of an April 11, 2005 video interview he conducted with Peter Drucker titled "Peter F. Drucker: The Ultimate Knowledge Worker."

11:30 a-1:00 p
Newsroom Wikis: Wiki Applications in the Newsroom

Are wiki applications useful in a newsroom setting? A panel of news librarians will discuss the great potential that wikis have as research tools and the considerations to be made in technology, design and implementation of wikis. Operational newsroom wikis will be demonstrated.
Moderator: Michael Meiners, Director of News Research, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Speakers: Susan Ebbs, News Researcher, Raleigh News & Observer; Michael Meiners, Director of News Research, St. Louis Post Dispatch; Jim Hunter, Library Director, Columbus Dispatch; Jessica Baumgart, Harvard University Office of News and Public Affairs
Location: Convention Center 341-342
Presentations: Baumgart's, Meiners', Ebbs' and Hunter's
Audio: Newsroom Wikis: Wiki Applications in the Newsroom

2:00 p -3:30 p
Newsbank user group

(For Newsbank customers only)
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

3:30 p-5:00 p
News Division Business Meeting: The News Division takes care of business

The News Division leadership reports to the members of the division, discusses progress and plans for the future.
Moderator: Denise Jones, Raleigh News & Observer, Chair, News Division
Speaker: Jim Hunter, Columbus Dispatch, Chair-Elect, News Division
Location: Convention Center 309

6:00p -10:00 p
ProQuestReception and Silent Auction

ProQuest reception for the News Division. Following the reception, ProQuest will host the News Division's Silent Auction.
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
Sponsor: ProQuest

6:00 p-12:00 am
Networking in the News Division Suite

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

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Tuesday, June 13

7:30 a-9:00 a
News Researchers: News Research in the Newsroom

Derek Willis, Research Database Editor,Washington Post, presents an in-depth session on news researchers and their place in the newsroom and how information or the lack of information management affects news coverage. To some degree this is open-ended, with plenty of time for discussion during the session.
Moderator: Lucy Shackelford, Research Editor, Washington Post
Speaker: Derek Willis, Research Database Editor, Washington Post
Location: Convention Center 345-346
Handout: Tools of the Trade
Audio: News Researchers: News Research in the Newsroom

9:30 a-10:30 a
News Researcher Academy Informational Meeting

Dana Gordon, News Division Director of Professional Education will lead an informational meeting on the Poynter Institute News researcher program scheduled for the fall.
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

11:30 a-1:00 p
What's on the Info-Horizon: A look at where our profession is going

Mary Ellen Bates will talk about the most significant challenges facing special librarians in 2006, about what appear to be challenges but aren't, and how we can best address the changing needs of our profession.
Moderator: Claire Wollen, Torstar Syndication Services, Toronto Star
Speaker: Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services
Location: Convention Center Ballroom 1-2

1:30 p-3:00 p
Pumping Iron: How to Sustain, Strengthen and Grow News Libraries

Three panelists from large, medium and small news organizations survey their peers, gather insights and share how the best in the news business protect, strengthen and grow their libraries. The focus is on how smaller libraries can create opportunities for growth.
Moderator: Ginny Everett, News Research Services Director, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Speakers: Debra Bade, Editor, News Research and Archives, Chicago Tribune; Anne Holcomb, Library Director, Kalamazoo Gazette
Location: Convention Center 316
Presentation: Pumping Iron
Audio: Pumping Iron
Pumping Iron Survey: A brief summary and more detailed survey responses.

3:00 p-4:00 p
Preservati Partners and Digital Preservation

Preservati Partners (Peter Johnson and Vicky McCargar), a new digital preservation consulting firm will hold an informal "meet and greet" to talk about digital presevation issues and answer questions.
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

4:00 -5:00 p
Broadcast Librarians

All broadcast librarians—current, future, former, or wannabe—are invited to discuss pertinent issues, plan for next year's conference, consider articles for News Library News, and socialize with your colleagues.
Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
Notes: Broadcast Librarians Meeting Notes

6:00 p-11:00 p
Awards Banquet

Ticketed Event: Ticket # 720: $90 for members and nonmembers
Location: Marine Mammal Pavilion, Pier 4, National Aquarium
A reception will be held in the Upper Lobby from 7:00 p to 8 p, followed by dinner and the presentation of various Division awards in the Underwater Viewing Area from 8 p - 11 p.

The 2006 News Division Awards Banquet will be held in the Marine Mammal Pavilion, which can be found on Pier 4, at the National Aquarium. This is the same Pier as the Power Plant Building, which houses ESPN Zone, Barnes and Noble, and Hard Rock Café. The building is at the back of the pier. Guests should walk toward the Power Plant, turn right and walk down the pier. Turn left at Chipotle – the building is on the right. Walk up behind the dolphin fountain and enter at the doors behind the fountain.

If you have a ticket to the Awards Banquet, you can view the exhibits in the Main Building Aquarium from 6:00 p-7:00 p. If you are going to do this, you need to be there no later than 6:00 p. Do NOT enter through the main entrance of the large glass building. Rather, when facing the building, walk down the brick path on the right hand side of the building. Continue down the pier – on the left hand side opposite the gangway to the Submarine Torsk and behind the small tent is a pair of sliding glass doors which is the office entry. You must have your ticket to get in.

10:00 p-12:00 a
Networking in the News Division Suite

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

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Wednesday, June 14

7:30 a-9:00 a
Digital Archives and Preservation: You Can Kiss Your Assets Goodbye

Featuring Vicky McCargar, formerly Senior Editor of the Los Angeles Times, Adjunct Professor, UCLA Department of Information Studies, and one of the principal founders of Preservati Partners, a digital assets management consultancy. The preservation of digital materials is creating concern on the national and international levels, but it is still very much the realm of academic libraries and national archives. Over in the for-profit world, how are news organizations doing with their own historic materials? As repositories of "the first draft of history," how thorough a job are news archivists doing at retaining their digital legacy? In this era of dwindling budgets, what are the biggest challenges and constraints facing them in this important task? Digital preservation consultant and former Los Angeles Times technology strategist Victoria McCargar will present the results of the inaugural 2005 survey of NewsLib members and tell us what trends she'll be watching--including threats, opportunities, and emerging best practices. McCargar's survey was done under the auspices of InterPARES, the international digital preservation consortium based at the University of British Columbia.
Moderator: Peter Johnson, Preservati Partners
Speaker: Vicky McCargar, Preservati Partners
Location: Convention Center 314
Presentation: Digital Archives and Preservation: You Can Kiss Your Assets Goodbye
Audio: Digital Archives and Preservation: You Can Kiss Your Assets Goodbye

9:30 a-11:00 a
Taxonomy in Text Archives & Beyond

Indexing and taxonomy classification technologies change the way our customers and users interact with the next generation of text archives. Major news aggregators use and promote this technology and other companies are marketing taxonomy services. Come take part in this interactive session where representatives from Access Innovations, Factiva and LexisNexis will look behind the scenes to show us how it works and where it is going.
Moderator: Jennifer Evert, LexisNexis
Speakers: Theresa Harrison, Factiva; Teresa Macgregor, LexisNexis; Alice Redmond-Neal, Access Innovations
Location: Convention Center 314
Presentation: Macgregor's, Redmond-Neal's and Harrison's
Handout: Taxonomy in Text Archives & Beyond
Audio: Taxonomy in Text Archives & Beyond

1:00 p-2:30 p
Keeping Current: Keeping up in technology, journalism & libraries

Staying on top of the rapidly changing world of library & information technology, journalism and library science is a huge challenge for news librarians. Paula Hane, bureau chief for Information Today and editor of NewsBreaks, Ira Chinoy, University of Maryland and Dr. Abby Goodrum, Ryerson University, will cover the world of information technology, journalism and library science and will show us how they manage a flood of information to stay current in their field.
Moderator: Shira Kavon, Senior Librarian, CNN NY Bureau Library
Speakers: Dr. Abby Goodrum, Associate Professor, Ryerson University; Ira Chinoy, Lecturer, University of Maryland; Paula Hane, Information Today bureau chief and editor of NewsBreaks, Information Today
Location: Convention Center 314
Presentations: Hane's and Goodrum's
Audio: Keeping Current
Web site: Tapping Officials' Secrets provides information on the public records and open meetings laws of each state and was recommended by Ira Chinoy during his presentation.

4:00 p-5:30 p
News Division Board meeting

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

6:00 p-12:00 a
Networking in the News Division Suite

Location: News Division Suite, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

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Thursday, June 15

10:30 a
Tour of the H.L. Mencken Room and Collection at the Enoch Pratt Free Library

Vince Fitzpatrick, curator of the H.L. Mencken Room and Collection at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, has agreed to host a tour of the room for News Division members. The Enoch Pratt Free Library is located in Baltimore at 400 Cathedral Street, about 30-45 minutes by foot and 10 minutes by cab from most conference hotels. The tour can accommodate no more than twenty people. If you are interested in attending, please reply to Elizabeth Lukes by Friday, June 9.

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Be a Mentor or Get a Mentor for the Conference

The News Division will be continuing its tradition of matching first-time conference-goers, both students and established professionals, with mentors from our division. These mentors are long time conference-goers who can impart wisdom, News Division lore and legend, and helpful hints to enhance anyone's maiden conference.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE READ: If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored, please send an e-mail to Mentoring Maven Shira Kavon at with your name and your affiliation (library school, news organization, or otherwise). If you are a first-timer please put the words "MENTEE - (YOUR NAME)" in the subject field of your e-mail. If you are a returning conference attendee interested in mentoring, please put the words "MENTOR - (YOUR NAME)." Please make sure to include a contact phone and a contact e-mail address in your e-mail.

PARTY!!!!! Mentors & Mentees will have a Special Meet & Greet in the News Division Suite at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel on Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 8:30 PM. Be there!

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Dine Around Baltimore!

When: June 11, 2006, 6 p-8 p

What: Dinner out with a few close friends and new friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other News Division members, have a good time and end the evening at the USA Today Dessert Reception in the News Division Suite at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel.

Where: One of several fine downtown Baltimore restaurants.

How does it work?: We are making up six companionable dinner parties of about 5-7 people each at fairly quiet restaurants. If we fill the groups, we will appoint more Table Captains. Table Captains will make the reservation and lead their group from the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel around 6:00p Sunday evening. After dinner, the group will adjoin for dessert in the suite at 8:00 p. Dinner should be moderately priced and is of course Dutch Treat. Dinner parties may or may not have a "theme" -Table Captains will announce that beforehand. Unofficial shop talk and gossip are the order of the day.

How do I sign up? Contact the table captain who you would like to join for dinner by e-mail or use the sign-up sheet that will be available in the News Division Suite Saturday and Sunday.

Who are the table captains and how do I contact them?
Michael Knoop, San Antonio Express-News: Michael's group will be heading to The Helmand.
Amy Disch, The Columbus Dispatch: Amy and her group will dine at Della Notte.
Rick Mastroianni, The Freedom Forum: Rick will lead a group to the James Joyce Irish Pub.
Victoria McCargar and Peter Johnson, Preservati Partners: Vicky and Peter propose an Italian meal accompanied by a discussion of digital preservation issues.
Patti Graziano, Cleveland Plain Dealer: Patti will host a group at Roy's.

Where are we going?:Carolyn Hanson, Research Director at the Baltimore Business Journal, graciously provided a list of restaurants to choose from during our time in Baltimore. Also check out the restaurants and food page of The Baltimore Sun, where you can search for other restaurants by price, location and type of cuisine.

Della Notte (Italian and Mediterranean cuisine)

James Joyce Irish Pub (bar food, but good)

Roy's (Hawaiian cuisine)

McCormick & Schmick's (fresh seafood, not as pricey as two below)

Windows @ Renaissance Harborplace Hotel (seafood)

Pisces @ Hyatt Regency Hotel (seafood, somewhat upscale, nice view)

The Prime Rib (steaks)

The Helmand (Afghani and Mediterranean cuisine, cab ride away)

Brewers Art (good pub food, brew their own great beer, cab ride away)

The Hampton's @ Harbor Court Hotel

Morton's @ Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel (steaks)

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (steaks, 2 downtown locations)

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Contribute to the Silent Auction

From an e-mail to Newslib from Claire Wollen:

"The ever-popular News Division Silent Auction, generously sponsored by ProQuest, is your opportunity to bid on great and often unique items, and support News Division activities.

The News Division Auction will be held Monday, June 12 in the News Division Suite at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, from 7-10 p.m.

So, it is time to ask that you roam the hallways of your newspaper or organization, call in all those many favours you've earned over the past year, and gather up items for the auction - shirts, mugs, bags, videos, photos and cartoons (even better if signed!), books, souvenir newspaper editions, memorabilia .... any and all contributions will be very much appreciated.

If you would prefer to ship your auction booty ahead of the conference, Denise Jones has kindly offered to receive advance shipments. She will be driving to the conference and will have a little extra space. But please contact Denise before shipping any items to her in Raleigh.

If you would prefer to send the material directly to the hotel, or have any other questions, please contact Claire Wollen of the Toronto Star."

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General Information About Baltimore

The Maryland SLA Chapter has a blog, which should prove useful when planning for the conference. The chapter also has lots of information about Baltimore. Another place to check out is Information about the Baltimore Convention Center is on their Web site.

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Getting Around Baltimore

A post on the SLA 2006 Conference Blog shares details about getting from the airport to downtown Baltimore.

The Maryland Transit Administration runs the subway, buses, light rail, and other public transportation around Baltimore.

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What to Wear

Some good advice for almost any SLA conference is to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring leg and/or foot lotion for sore muscles. It's also a good idea to bring a sweater or jacket for cold lecture halls. How people dress varies. Business casual is the median. Some people choose to wear formal business attire, but there are always people in shorts and jeans as well. People usually dress up for some of the fancier activities, like the Opening Gala and the News Division Awards Banquet. Some events state the dress code.

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What to Attend

Go to anything that interests you. The majority of the sessions are open to anyone, regardless of division, caucus, or chapter affiliation. If an event is only for people from a certain division, caucus, or chapter, it will almost always say so.

Walk through the exhibit hall at least once. Some conference-goers plan several hours in their schedule to visit the vendors. Vendors help defray the cost of the conferences and many support SLA activities outside of the conference, so visiting their booths lets them know that their presence is appreciated. It's also a great opportunity to learn about products and professional development resources.

The vendors often have free goodies, like pens, highlighters, and sticko-notes, that are good to grab. Some libraries get their year's supply of pens in the exhibit hall. Some people recommend bringing an extra shipping box to send stuff back to the office or home after the conference because it's easy to get overloaded with free stuff and conference handouts. Sharing conference goodies with coworkers can be a great way to earn brownie points.

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