Dana Gordon 1961-2012

On Thursday morning Debra Bade shared with us on NewsLib some very shocking and somber news about one of our colleagues, Dana Gordon.  Below is Debra’s post and some expressions of sympathy about the loss of a valued member of our profession.

This is a Webcast of her service, which was held on Sunday, April 1st at 11:30 a.m. at the Plaza Jewish Community Chapel in New York City.

Crain’s New York Business, where Dana had been the research editor, published an article about her on April 2, 2012.  A subscription is required to read it.  The article can be found here.

This is a picture of Dana from her Facebook page along with some pictures from Chris Hardesty, Alice Pepper, and Lisa Bergtraum.  Also, via The Barbara Semonche Files, we have a photo of her taken by Ron Larson at the 2004 awards banquet in Nashville. If you have pictures you would like me to include on this page, you can send them to me (Carolyn) at ufriverat@gmail.com. Also, I created a group in Flickr called News_Libraries.  I’ll have to send you an invitation to the group and then you can load photos with captions there. Thanks everyone for your contributions to this page.

From Debra Bade:

Some very sad and stunning news – our dear friend and colleague, Dana Gordon, has died. Many of you will remember Dana from her years with Newsweek and more recently with Crain’s. Dana was so smart, and charming, and accomplished — I know that she has had an impact on many of us, both professionally and personally, and we miss her tremendously.

This is the message on facebook from her husband this morning for those who may not have seen it:

Dana Gordon 1961-2012
Dana Gordon passed away early this morning from cancer. She was my wife. We loved each other dearly and I will miss her terribly. I will post funeral / condolence plans as soon as they are available.

From Carolyn Edds:


This is very sad news. I remember Dana as someone who always had a smile on her face and who had lots of energy and ideas for the News Division.

Thank you for sharing it.

From Derek Willis:

I am terribly sad to read this. Dana was a friend and someone who always was thinking of the next thing for news libraries. To not have her voice and presence is a loss for us all.

From Emily Glenn:

This is heartbreaking. I saw the announcement on Facebook this morning and was stunned. Dana was always great fun to hang out with at conferences. My condolences to her husband and family.

From Helen Kwong:

I met Dana at the SLA conference in Philly. I was a student and she was so kind and helpful. I interned for her at Crain’s New York from September to February. She was an amazing boss and a mentor. The research department was in the far corner of the newsroom, hidden behind the mail area. Her smile, cheerfulness and passion for research lit up that corner. It was her reference that got me a job at NBC InfoCenter. Like Shira, I will forever be in her debt.

From Shira Kavon:

I am so very sad to read of Dana’s passing. She was instrumental in my coming to CNN NY 12 years ago. I will forever be in her debt for that.

For those who knew her locally, please pass along any news of where shiva might be observed or where donations might be made in her memory.

From Deborah W. Hillyer:

I was very sad to hear this news. I met Dana when she came to Crain’s New York, in all of our meetings she was always so enthusiastic about research and data, so upbeat, bright and pleasant to work with.  I will miss her as a co-worker.

From Leigh Montgomery:


Dana Gordon is well-remembered as dedicated to advancing professional learning; that she was wholly, inherently motivated in this area is how she lived her life in so many others I’m sure.  Including our own – she organized some rigorous seminars specifically for news librarians, new managers, and more.  She would refine them, the follow-up would be asking for ideas, what worked, how this could be improved – based on
what was needed to know now.

We had a visit together while she was in Boston weekly teaching business research at Simmons GSLIS.  We had a long and wide-ranging conversation, and she was brimming with ideas for the students and professors in her other position at the College of New Jersey.

I did say to Dana how fortunate those students were to have her as an instructor.  I am grateful now I did so.  My condolences to Steve and all of her family and friends; Dana is in the landscapes of many of our memories.

From Kathryn Pease:

Dana was a tremendous colleague, mentor, and above all, a friend.  Through the sadness, I’m trying to think of happier times–times when  I’d pick her up from the train station on Long Island and we’d spend  the day at the beach. That’s what I want to remember right now… I’m so thankful to have known her.  She will be missed by so many.

From Eli Edwards:


Thank you so much for getting the news out so quickly.

Dana was always a friendly face at News Division events and continually willing to lend a hand.  I never had the opportunity to work with her, but her expertise and professionalism shone through, as did her spirit and good humor. Condolences to her family, friends and colleagues …

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