Gas Prices Across North America

With people gathered here from so many different places, I thought it might be interesting to compile a list of how much people paid for gas the last time they purchased it back home. List is below and I’ll add names post-conference.

Wisconsin State Journal/The Capital Times $3.97 per gallon
Detroit Free Press, $4.05 per gallon
San Antonio Express-News, $3.89 per gallon
The Columbus Dispatch, $3.98 per gallon
St. Petersburg Times, $3.93 per gallon
San Diego Union-Tribune, $3.56 per gallon (a few weeks ago)
San Francisco Chronicle, California–$4.79 per gallon, Oregon $4.19 per gallon (fewer taxes in Oregon), Washington per gallon $4.39 (this person drove here)
The Ottawa Citizen, $1.29 per liter
Los Angeles–$4.59 per gallon
Tulsa World, $3.79 per gallon
San Jose Mercury News, $4.54 per gallon
Naples, Florida, $3.96 per gallon
Muskegon, Michigan, $4.18 per gallon

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