Geiger: our favorite folk musician

Richard Geiger, being honored tonight with the News Division’s prestigious Kwapil Award, has submitted the lyrics of the songs he’s singing as his acceptance speech. He shares them with all of us….

There’s a Large Hotel
(There’s a Small Hotel, 1935, apologies to Rodgers & Hart)

There’s a large hotel
Where the News Division dwells
I love when we’re all here, together

There’s a Division suite
One room bright and neat
Complete for us to share together

Entering in that wondrous room
You can see all kinds people
Really smart people, real fun people

When the week is done
We’re through with work and fun
We’ll thank that large hotel together!

Night and Day
(Night and Day, 1932, apologies to Cole Porter)

Night and day
Why is it so?
That I stay up every night
Until the dawn’s glow

My conference friends I see
Only once a year, so I must be
Out on the town
Night and day

Day and night
My headache tortures me
I try to stay awake through speeches
but my eyes simply cannot see

But when at last I fly back home
My weariness straight into the bone
I sleep and sleep — and sleep!
Night and day!


Isn’t It the Conference
(Isn’t It Romantic, 1932, apologies to Rodgers & Hart)

Isn’t it the Conference
That keeps your mind a-humming / clear from June to June?
Isn’t it the Conference
That keeps you coming back / to walk into this room?
Our / speakers are so brilliant / every single year
You / just can’t miss the feeling / grinning from ear to ear

Isn’t it the Conference
A week that can’t be missed / of all the 52
Isn’t it the Conference
Where we always come / so that we can see YOU!
We / will share all of our secrets / gabbing in the suite
It’s so fun to meet!

Yay, Richard!

PLEASE, somebody send pictures!

Addendum 6/29: j here: Amy Disch pointed out that Barbara Semonche’s page on the banquet has an MP3 of Richard Geiger’s performance.

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