Iraq (War on Terrorism)

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Below are links to Iraq-related websites. They are divided up as follows:
Casualty Information
Country Information
Government reports
Government websites
Maps and Graphics
Military and war-related sites
News-related sites and special news reports
Non-governmental organizations
Other resource pages on the Net
Pronunciation guides
Reports from other organizations
Saddam Hussein
Sanctions, human rights and the anti-war movement
United Nations and weapons-inspection sites

Casualty Information

Centcom's list of casualties

News Releases from DefenseLink - The Department of Defense issues news releases to identify a fallen members of the military. The releases are organized by date.

Department of Defense Military Casualty Statistics

Details of British Casualties from Britain's Ministry of Defense - This site provides information about British casualties during Operation Telic, including some biographical information and images of the deceased members of the military. -

Faces of Valor - This site honors service men and women who died during the conflict in Iraq. They also have a site honoring those killed during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Fallen Warriors from Defend America - includes casualties from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with information about the date and place of death.

Forces: U.S. and Coalition Casualties - This site from CNN lists confirmed coalition deaths in the war in Iraq. The list "reflects the names of the U.S. and British troops whose families have been notified." Includes the name, age, unit, hometown, details of death, and a photograph.

In Memoriam - This list from Army Times includes recent deaths.

Iraq Body Count - The Librarians' Index to the Internet highlighted this site with information about civilian casualties in Iraq.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count - volunteers maintain this site with information about deaths in Iraq, which includes links to the official Department of Defense press releases.

List of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq - The Associated Press' list of soldiers killed during and after Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Military Casualty Information - This Department of Defense page gives information about military casualties back to the Korean War as well as information about those killed and wounded in Iraq.

US Military Killed in Action During Operation Iraqi Freedom - Jody Habayeb of the Tampa Tribune compiled this list of casualties arranged by state and territory.

War Casualties - The Associated Press compiled this database of war casualties based on information from the military or families. The AP claims that military officials have "officially released" this database.

Country Information

A+ Country Reports - Iraq - A+ Country Reports offers a wealth of information on all of the countries of the world. Like the CIA's World Factbook, A+ Country Reports presents up-to-date information on population, geography, economy, history, and politics.

American Kurdish Information Center - The American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1993 to serve the information needs of this country relative to the Kurds. It does this to fulfill two needs: ours, to hold a mirror to the events that are taking place in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and those of the American public, to enable them to have access to collected materials on the subject.

CIA World Factbook - an incredibly useful source of public information on 266 nations and world regions.

Country Profile: Iraq - Profile of Iraq including the latest news, demographic and economic facts, historical overview, timeline of key events, and information about Iraqi leaders and media. Site also includes key stories, news analysis, links, audio features, and a video for the most recent live coverage. From the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Gulf 2000 Project - This site was developed by the Gulf/2000 Project at the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University in New York City. It is designed to make available in a single location a wealth of information on the eight countries of the Persian Gulf region--Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Iraq - from The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.

Iraq Research and Documentation Project - The Iraq Research and Documentation Project (IRDP) website is a collection of resources documenting the government, politics, and society of modern Iraq. IRDP is engaged in the gathering of information of diverse content and format (official government documents, maps, citizen testimonies, reference sources, chronologies, bibliographies, notable articles, human rights reports, photographic and other images, audio and video materials).

Iraq-related web sites - From Arab German Consulting.


Duke University Experts: Conflict with Iraq - This list includes experts who can talk about the war, Iraq's history, economics, and issues related to children, among other topics.

Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government's War Clouds Over Iraq - Many of the experts at the Kennedy School of Government, who can talk about issues such as domestic preparedness, the United Nations, foreign policy, and humanitarian issues, have political experience.

University of Nebraska: Expert Resources in the War on Terrorism - Biological and chemical warfare, agricultural and environmental terrorism, and Afghanistan and the Middle East are a few of the topics University of Nebraska specialists can address.

Vanderbilt University: World Watch: War & Terrorism Experts - These experts can talk about the peace movement, post-traumatic stress disorder, the psychological effects of war, and North Korea, as well as smallpox and terrorism.

Government reports

Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation and Propaganda, 1990-2003 - "Apparatus of Lies discusses the lies that Iraq has used to promote its propaganda and disinformation." The site includes a downloadable PDF version and related links. From the Office of the President of the United States.

Government views of Iraq - a bibliography of online government information and documents about Iraq. Resources include U.S. Congressional Hearings and government documents about Iraq from the United States, Britain and the United Nations. From the Cohen Library of The City College of New York.

Iraq on the Record: The Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq -- This database about Iraq's threat includes 237 statements from the five Bush Administration officials most responsible for providing information about the situation.

Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism," in Patterns of Global Terrorism -- 2000 - released by the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State, April 2001.

Powell Draws Picture of Iraqi Deception: Links to al-Qaida - The U.S. Department of State presents a synopsis and the transcript of U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's remarks to the U.N. Security Council on February 5, 2003, on the alleged violations of U.N. Resolution 1441 (November 8, 2002), regarding disarmament of weapons of mass destruction by Iraq's President Saddam Hussein and his regime.

Putting Noncombatants at Risk: Saddam's Use of "Human Shields" - A January 2003 report from the CIA.

Saddam Hussein's Iraq: A Decade of Defiance and Deception - Resources related to the official White House position on Iraq. Includes Presidential remarks, key documents, press briefings, timelines, photos of Iraqi weapons facilities, remarks by cabinet members, and related links. From the Office of the President of the United States.

Government websites

Campaign to disarm Iraq - Official UK gov site

The Coalition Provisional Authority provides a variety of information related to Iraq, especially information related to the government.

Defend America - This Department of Defense Web site includes a variety of news stories about the war in Iraq and operations in Afghanistan. There are also links to other military sites, including places for people to e-mail and support the troops.

Iraq Update - from the U.S. Department of State.

Iraqi National Congress - coalition of political organizations that oppose the rule of Saddam Hussein.

Kurdistan Democratic Party

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Iraq Country Information - from the U.S. Department of State.

Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

Maps and Graphics

BBC News: Key Maps - Clickable map of the Middle East region showing military build-up, presidential palaces, dissidents, oilfields, weapons, etc. Iraq Navigator, is a more detailed, animated map that allows viewers to choose which elements to display. From BBC News.

Digital Globe: Iraq Palaces and Other Sites - These satellite images show sites in Iraq. Many of the images are not recent.

GEOnet Names Server

Omni Resources - for print maps

Military Press - for print maps Map of Iraq - from the UN Cartographic Office.

Space Imaging - has satellite images of Iraq and surrounding countries.

Special Reference Graphics - This site from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency includes maps of Iraq, Baghdad, and the Middle East.

U.S. National Geospatial-Intel Agency - for detailed print maps

Military and war-related sites

Information about deaths and wounded members of the military has moved to Casualty Information.

BBC News: Military Fact Files - Information on military forces of the U.K., U.S., and Iraq, and the missile defenses of Israel. Browse by firepower, biochemical weapons, forces, and equipment for air, land, and sea. Also provides information on biological warfare, including delivery, storage, transport, spread, detection, protective equipment, antidotes, and proliferation.

Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms - the perfect gift for your favorite copy editor.

Gulf War Facts - has US. and coalition totals, casualties, from Operation Desert Storm. From

Iraq: The Military Campaign Objectives - The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence presents its "objectives for the military campaign in Iraq."

Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction - A discussion of Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Features links to international and domestic reports. Also available in French. From the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada.

Military Front for Families Support - "a place for all who have loved ones serving in today's military. Our goal is to help military families help themselves." Includes info on families moving, homeschooling, and black military history, as well as a forum and links to other support sites.

Military Weapons - "Weapons and technology used by various branches of the United States Military." Includes pictures, descriptions, fact sheets, characteristics and capabilities, and more.

Official Website for the United States Marine Corps - Current news, top and featured stories, information about family services, Marine Corps publications. In addition to a section of war-related information, there are links to information on headquarters, officer biographies, unit locations, recruiting, and many other related sites.

Operation Iraqi Freedom - from the official Web site of the United States Air Force. This site offers background information as well as information on aircraft and other operations. There are also photos, screensavers and links to other sites.

Operation Iraqi Freedom - this page from offers day-by-day coverage and many details about the current military operation in Iraq.

Order of Battle: A closer look at military forces in the Middle East - The Army Times Publishing Company runs this site showing troop movements, the location of troops, and more across all branches of the military. There's even a list of troops that have moved recently and a breakdown of troops by country.

Support American Troops Overseas - Contacts for volunteering or making donations to support U.S. troops in Iraq and their families. From the Network for Good.

U.S. Military European Command Operations - operations include the enforcement the no-fly zone over Iraq via Operation Northern Watch and Operation Southern Watch.

War Report -- Iraq War and Afghan Aftermath - This helpful omnibus of links to timely research, editorials, papers, and other written material on the situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan is provided by the Project on Defense Alternatives. The Project was found in 1991, and part of its mission is to "adapt security policy to the challenges and opportunities of the post-Cold War era. Toward this end it promotes consideration of the broadest range of defense options."

News-related sites and special news reports

Al-Jazeera - this page links to many sites related to Al-Jazeera.

Arabic newspapers and magazines - Note: many of these are in Arabic - Iraq Daily

Conflict with Iraq - from the BBC.

Confronting Iraq - The Washington Post offers a database of its articles on the war in Iraq. The free database covers articles published since November 2002.

DEBKAfile - "DEBKAfileis a self-supporting Internet publication devoted to independent, investigative reporting and forward analysis in the fields of international terrorism, intelligence, international conflict, Islam, military affairs, security and politics."

Indepth: Iraq - profiles the background of the conflict, the weapons inspections controversy, Kurds in Iraq, and more. From the CBC.

Iraq - from

Iraq: 10 Years After Gulf War - A background article from the January 2001 issue of Foreign Policy in Focus.

Iraq News - from Yahoo.

Iraq Special Report - from ABC News.

Iraqi Press Monitor - It's intended to give an idea about what the press in Iraq is saying through abstracts of news articles.

Online NewsHour: The Iraq War - The online version of PBS's NewsHour covers several aspects of the current situation in Iraq: The Military Campaign, The International Impact, The Home Front, The Humanitarian Situation, and The Road to War. Includes key map and player sections as well as an area for students and teachers.

Iraq 2003: Sources of News - a webliography of links to Iraq information. This site is somewhat unique in that they've tried to link to a number of alternative and independent press sites as well as mainstream media.

Iraqi News Agency - This site provides news and information from an Iraqi viewpoint, and links to other Iraqi web pages covering the government, the press, education, health, unions, and organizations. From the State Company for Internet Services for Iraq. Available in English and Arabic. - "Coordinated by independent journalists Jeremy Scahill and Jacqueline Soohen on the ground in Baghdad, IraqJournal provides a forum for the distribution of independent information and views from Iraq." Updated several times every week; includes articles, clips from radio programs, videos, and related links.

Kurdistan Observer - "Bringing you the latest news regarding Kurds and Kurdistan."

Jerusalem Post - Middle East sites - features links to Iraq Daily, Hizbollah, Aljazeera, other Middle East media.

NewsLab Links for Journalists: Internet Resources for Covering Iraq - Links to online resources for journalists covering the conflict with Iraq, focusing on the region and the work of war journalism. From NewsLab (a nonprofit organization associated with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism), the Project for Excellence in Journalism, and the Park Foundation.

Iraq Under Pressure - This is a compilation of wire stories about Iraq from around the world. From One World News.

Pak Tribune - a Pakistani newspaper.

Radio Free Iraq.

Showdown: Iraq - This is a special news report on the status of Iraq's compliance of the United Nation Security Council's Resolution 1441 (November 8, 2002) on weapons inspection. It includes the latest news, quotes, and analysis by the chief U.N. weapons inspector, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and news reporters. There is also information on Iraq, the military, and other top stories.

Timeline: Iraq - A brief chronology of key events covering 1922 to the present about Iraqi government and politics. Includes topics such as political history, foreign relations, Iran-Iraq War, oil, chemical weapons, Kuwait, Kurds, Oil-for-Food, weapons inspectors, United Nations resolutions, and the United States. Site also includes links to related key stories, news analysis, and a video feature for the most recent live coverage. From the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Unseen Gulf War - A collection of images of the human consequence of war. These photographs were taken "along 'the mile of death' the morning the day the war stopped" during the First Gulf War. According to the photographer, the "televised, aerial, and technological version of the conflict" failed to show the horror of its human realities as does this collection. From The Digital Journalist.

War in Iraq - This site from the Army Times focuses, naturally enough, on military aspects of the current conflict.

Warblogs:CC: One Source for War News - A collection of blogs about the Iraq war, primarily critical of U.S. engagement, "designed to provide you with a birds-eye view of Gulf War Redux, the American government and civil liberties issues in the United States." Also provides newsfeeds from major sources such as the New York Times and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Non-governmental organizations

The Future of a Post-Saddam Iraq: A Blueprint for American Involvement - from The Heritage Foundation.

GlobalSecurity.Org - Target Iraq - In addition to lots of military-related information, this site includes links to Iraq-related websites from numerous governments as well as pro-war and anti-war websites.

Iraq - from Global Policy Forum, this page provides information on the crisis situation in Iraq as well as more specific articles on sanctions issues.

Iraq Policy Information Project - This organization "exists to spur informed national debate about Bush administration policy toward Iraq and to broaden US media coverage of the impending Iraq policy crisis." It offers resources for those "seeking credible sources on the consequences of a precipitous US-led attack on Iraq." There are celebrities' statements in support of the Win Without War coalition, Issue Briefs, a list of Expert Sources, and related links. Sponsored by the Center for International Policy.

Other resource pages on the Net

Al's Iraq Resources - Many valuable links to "news from and about Iraq," including news agencies, Iraqi newspapers in Arabic and English, satellite television and radio sites, and more. Offers links to sites about the U.S. military build-up in the Iraqi region, and information on assisting U.S. military personnel. From journalist Al Tompkins of Poynter Online.

Attack on Iraq - Iraq-related news updated daily including headlines, special reports, daily summaries, audio and video features, galleries and maps, key documents, Canada's perspective, and an impressive collection of links. From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Conflict: Iraq and the United States - Mostly background, mostly meta-resources. Good annotation. From The Journalist's Toolbox.

Conflict in Iraq - News, classroom activities, lesson plans, historical background information, and other resources on the situation in Iraq for children, parents, and teachers. Designed for elementary school level. Includes advice on helping children cope with conflict. From the publishers of Weekly Reader.

Conflict with Iraq - This Multnomah County Library guide connects to Web sites about the conflict with Iraq. The diplomatic background, weapons inspections in Iraq, United Nations Security Council resolutions, and the war are the major topics. Resources from the United States, British, and French governments are included along with resources from international organizations. Iraq Conflict Coverage Weblog - Includes blogs from "embedded" journalists (even MTV has a correspondent there!), news sites' complete coverage pages, interactive graphics and stories, and more. Among the recent additions: a 3-D map of Iraq, and Jerusalem Post's audio reports from the field.

Government Views of Iraq - This guide connects to government Web sites about the conflict with Iraq. Resources (reports, maps, speeches, Geneva conventions, etc.) from the United Nations, United States government, and United Kingdom government are included.

Informed Comment - An Iraq scholar, Juan Cole, maintains this weblog about Iraq.

The Invasion of Iraq - This Web site from the PBS telelvison show Frontline provides a behind-the-scenes look at the war.

Iraq: Data, Forecasts, Country Analysis Brief and Other Analyses - Oil-related information regarding Iraq, including facts, forecasts, and analyses. Country Analysis Brief contains a great deal of both historical and current detailed information. From the National Energy Information Center at the Department of Energy.

Iraq Coverage Resources - from the website of the Poynter Institute.

Iraq Crisis - this page comes from JURIST's Paper Chase, a University of Pittsburgh law professor's blog now tracking legal aspects of the war in Iraq.

Iraq Crisis - Annotated links about the situation in Iraq. Categories include background reports, librarian's webliographies, news sources, United Nations, the U.S. government, and non-profits and think tanks. Also includes information about depleted uranium, and peace, nonviolence, and antiwar sites. From the Charles B. Sears Law Library, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) - often includes translations of important documents related to Iraq.

A Nation at War - Complete coverage of the war in Iraq from The New York Times, with related domestic and international news. Includes multimedia coverage, wire news, interactive graphics, maps, Gulf War archived articles, and more. Requires free, one-time registration.

News Research Without Borders: Covering the War in Iraq at Newsweek - This presentation the staff of Newsweek gave at the Special Libraries Association 2004 Annual Conference includes a number of resources they use to keep current on news in Iraq.

Services for American Citizens In Iraq - The U.S. Department of State provides a number of resources geared toward American citizens in Iraq, including a list of security companies doing business in Iraq, medical prooviders, and the control of Iraq's borders, ports, and airports.

Update on Iraq - This guide connects to current information, reports, and background information on the war in Iraq, weapons inspections, and related issues. Links are to resources from the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and news services.

War and Peace: Resources Related to the Current Iraq Crisis - This page from the Librarians' Index to the Internet presents a variety of resources related to Iraq, and replaces the smaller "Perspectives on Iraq" collection.

War coverage resources - From the Ifra Newsplex at the University of South Carolina.

War in Context - includes information about how the world views the United States in the context of the Iraq conflict.

War in Iraq: News, Analysis and Multimedia Resources - News, analysis, key documents, resources, links, information about U.S. regime-change policy for Iraq, and information about experts and events. Excellent site from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq - from the Joyner Library of East Carolina University.

Pronunciation Guides

Key names and places in Iraq - This Associated Press story via The State, a South Carolina newspaper, defines some of the key places and players in Iraq and gives phonetic spellings.

Voice of America Pronunciation Guide - This site includes audio files of the pronunciation as well as phonetic spellings.


The Future of Iraq Portal includes links to several blogs about Iraq, media outlets covering Iraq, information about reconstruction efforts, and more.

Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Task Force from the U.S. Department of Commerce has information about contracts awarded for business in Iraq, business opportunities in Iraq, and information about the latest developments.

Iraqi Business Center has resources for Iraq's business community.

A project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Relief Web offers a variety of information about humanitarian relief efforts around the world. This particular section focuses on those efforts in Iraq.

This page gives information about the United States Agency for International Development's (USAID) work in Iraq.

This section of the United States' Department of State includes information about Iraq and its reconstruction.

This World Health Organization (WHO) page includes Situation Reports for Iraq.

Reports from other organizations

Economics of War with Iraq - From the the Parliament of Australia's research organization, this report focuses on economic impact on Australia's and international economies.

Iraq: What Next? - from the Brookings Institute.

Iraq and the UN - from the Federation of American Scientists.

Iraq: Related Readings - Links to papers, reports, and articles on all aspects of the Iraq conflict. Particularly valuable for its perspectives from the Bush administration, U.S. Congress, United Nations, and allies of the United States. From the Council on Foreign Relations.

Iraq Backgrounder: What Lies Beneath - October 2002 report from the International Crisis Group "reviews the mechanics of Saddam Hussein's rule, looks at the political dynamics that govern relations between religious and ethnic entities, and describes the various opposition groups and their potential role.

Iraq Special Weapons: Nuclear, Biological Chemical and Missile Proliferation News - "A comprehensive compilation of news sources, news reports, analysis and official documents on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and delivery systems." Iraq and the United Nations provides in-depth information, resolutions, documents, and related resources on the world's core conficts. From The Federation of American Scientists.

Media Under Fire: Reporting Conflict in Iraq - The Parliament of Australia's research organization examines the difference between embedded journalists covering the war with American troops and coverage of Australian troops without embedded journalists.

Saddam and the Bomb - from the Nuclear Control Institute.

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984 - The National Security Archive provides declassified documents on the United States-Iraqi relationship in the 1980s and includes a detailed historical essay. Links within the essay provide access to the documents, which are also described individually. Topics include oil, terrorism, the Iran-Iraq War, arms sales, and chemical warfare and weapons.

War with Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives [.pdf] - Released as part of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Committee on International Security Studies Occasional Papers series, this 93-page report from December 2002 examines the political, military, and economic consequences of war with Iraq.

Saddam Hussein

Biography of President Saddam Hussein - brief biographical information on Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic of Iraq. Included are his personal, academic, political, and presidential careers. From Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations, New York.

Saddam Hussein - profile of the Iraqi leader. From CNN.

Sanctions, human rights and the anti-war movement

AFSC's Iraq Peacebuilding Program - from The American Friends Service Committee.

BBC News - In Pictures - World Peace Protests - Pictures from protests all over the world, submitted to the BBC by phone-cam.

Bill Thompson's Image Gallery - These several dozen "photographs were taken in Iraq in August and September of 1999." They are divided into categories that include children, people and culture, bombings, and historical landmarks.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) - The Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) aims to raise awareness of the effects of sanctions on Iraq, and campaigns on humanitarian grounds for the lifting of non-military sanctions. CASI does not support or have ties to the government of Iraq.

Center on Conscience and War (CCW) - "CCW works to defend and extend the rights of conscientious objectors." Formerly called the National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors (NISBCO), they provide public education, counseling, legal support, and loans to men barred from receiving state or federal financial aid due to refusal to register with Selective Service. The site has not been updated in some time, but it has useful articles to help in deciding about and documenting conscientious objection.

Children of Iraq - independent effort that seeks to inform people of the "humanitarian catastrophe caused by the United Nations sanctions which are hurting ... and killing the children of Iraq."

Education for Peace in Iraq Center - "works to change U.S. foreign policy and raise public awareness in support of human rights in Iraq and peace in the Middle East."

International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) - International A.N.S.W.E.R. focuses its efforts on opposing U.S. war with Iraq. Activities include organizing mass demonstrations (such as the January 18, 2003 march and rally in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere). The Web site includes information about local and regional organizing centers, flyers to download, a list of endorsers, and the "scenarios" motivating these activities.

Human Rights Watch: Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraq Action Coalition - The Iraq Action Coalition is an online media and activists' resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq.

Iraq: Concern and Compassion in a Time of War - Contacts for learning about humanitarian relief efforts in the Middle East and volunteering or making donations. From the Network for Good.

Iraq Foundation - human rights organization covering the political, social and economic situation under the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Iraq Human Rights Resources - from Amnesty International.

Iraq Resource Information Site - The Sanctions War.

Iraq: Anti-War Actions and Analysis - from the Iraq Action Center.

Just War--Or a Just War? - In this widely-distributed commentary on the potential conflict in Iraq, former President Jimmy Carter argues that "as a Christian and as a president who was severely provoked by international crises, I became thoroughly familiar with the principles of a just war, and it is clear that a substantially unilateral attack on Iraq does not meet these standards."

Life & Death in Iraq - report on a delegation of medical workers and others who attempted to gauge the effect of sanctions on Iraqi citizens, especially children. By Larry Johnson and Dan DeLong of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 1999. - "MoveOn is a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice. Our nationwide network of more than 600,000 online activists is one of the most effective and responsive outlets for democratic participation available today."

National Network to End the War Against Iraq - "A nation-wide coalition of over 140 peace and justice, student and faith-based organizations" united in opposition to U.S. conflict with Iraq. Includes information about current and past actions, positions, members, news links, and more.

Relief Web - This is News from the UN on the humanitarian situation in Iraq.

Sanctions Against Iraq - information on the sanctions imposed on Iraq after the Gulf War, articles, and analysis. From the Global Policy Forum, monitor of policy making at the United Nations.

Sanctions on Iraq - from the Open Directory Project.

United Nations and weapons-inspection sites

IAEA and Iraq Page - This page from the International Atomic Energy Agency featires links to the latest briefings, a timeline, a photo gallery, key documents, background and reference info, media reports and web links.

Iraq Watch - Iraq Watch is a comprehensive web site devoted to monitoring Iraq's progress in building weapons of mass destruction. Iraq Watch describes key Iraqi organizations and sites, lists their foreign suppliers, and provides access to U.N. and other documents that describe Iraq's activities.

Permanent Mission of Iraq to the UN - includes press releases and official statements and communiques from Iraq.

Security Council Resolution 1441, 8 November 2002 - This site presents the full text of the "Resolution on the return of weapons inspectors to Iraq, adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on 8 November,2002" (S/RES/1441 (2002)). Below this document is the "Joint statement issued by Russia, China and France outlining their interpretation of UN of the resolution." From Arab Gateway, which "aims to introduce non-Arabs to the Arabs and their culture."

Security Council resolutions concerning the situation between Iraq and Kuwait - From August 1990 to present.

UNICEF in Iraq

UN News Centre - News from the United Nations updated daily. Site provides an events calendar, UN statements, briefings, press releases, and news conferences, and UN links. Includes audio and video.

United Nations Office of the Iraq Programme - The Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP) was established in October 1997 to implement the oil for food programme for Iraq established by Security Council resolution 986 (1995).

UNMOVIC - monitors and verifies Iraqi compliance not to acquire weapons prohibited by the Security Council; oversees Iraqi disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological weapons and missiles.

UNSCOM - original UN commission that performed on-site inspections into Iraq biological, chemical, and missile capabilities. Existed from 1991 to 1999.

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