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Usenet News Groups

These links go to the usenet groups' archives on Google Groups.

E-mail Lists

  • Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication list
    This listserv is for the papers presented at the annual AEJMC conferences.
  • Association of UK Media Librarians Listserv
    This listserv is used primarily by news librarians in the United Kingdom:
    This is a listserv for business librarians. This can be a source for finding out about good reference tools for researching businesses:
  • CARR-L
    CARR-L aims to facilitate communication between working journalists, journalism educators, and news librarians and researchers, with the focus of discussion being on the use of computers in journalism, and not on general journalism. Topics include text processing, graphics, online database searching, computer communication, and investigative reporting. To subscribe or for more information, visit, which has more information about the list and its archives.
  • Copyediting-l
    Copyeditors find a home here and discussion about issues and problems related to the editing of newspapers and other material. For more information or to subscribe, visit, which has more information about the list and its archives.
    This is a listserv for government document librarians. It can be a good source for finding out about government documents:
  • IRE-L
    The IRE-L Mailing List serves as a general discussion forum on reporting of current affairs. It also acts as a posting board for new developments at IRE. To subscribe to IRE-L an e-mail should be sent to with the following request: subscribe IRE-L your name. For more information about the list, visit
    The official mailing list for the Journalism Education Association. To subscribe or to learn more about the list, visit The listserv is restricted to members of the Journalism Education Association.
  • Journet
    Journet is a list for discussion of journalism education and general journalism topics. It is open and unmoderated. To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CMICH.EDU, no Subject, and SUBSCRIBE JOURNET in the body. For more information about this listserv, visit
  • NewsLib
  • NewsLib is the only mailing list dedicated to news libraries and news research. It is open and unmoderated. The University of North Carolina (via Barbara Semonche in the Journalism Library) graciously maintains the list. To subscribe, visit
    The NICAR-L Mailing List serves as a forum for the discussion of subjects related to computer-assisted reporting. It also acts as a posting board for new developments at NICAR, including seminar announcements and database information. To subscribe to the NICAR mailing list, please send an e-mail message to The message subject line should be left blank, and the body text should contain "subscribe listname your name". Visit for more information about the listserv.
  • NPPA-L
    National Press Photographers Association list. Central electronic meeting place for visual communicators, news photographers, photo editors, systems and graphics editors, freelancers, page designers, journalism educators, and students to discuss topics of professional interest. To subscribe, send mail to and in the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE NPPA-L followed by your real name. More information about the list is available at
    ONLINE-NEWS is a list on the topic of online newspapers and magazines. It serves as a forum to discuss the evolution of newspaper and magazine experiments in electronic publishing. ONLINE-NEWS is NOT a general journalism discussion. To subscribe, visit
  • SPJ-L
    SPJ-L is a mailing a list that serves as a resource for journalists or those interested in journalism. It seeks to complement other popular journalism-related lists. It is an open, unmoderated list that can be used to discuss any journalism or SPJ topic. To subscribe to the list, send mail to LISTSERV@LISTS.PSU.EDU with the words SUBSCRIBE SPJ-L in the body of the text. Visit for more information.
    The STUMEDIA list is intended to be a forum for the discussion of all issues of interest to student journalists. Students involved in journalism in newspaper, yearbook, television, radio, and other forms of media are encouraged to join.To subscribe to the list, send mail to wth the words Subscribe STUMEDIA Your Name in the body of the text. More information about this listserv is at
  • Web4Lib
    This is a listserv for librarians working on web projects. The archives are at and the main page for the list is
  • World Wide Web

    Barbara's News Researcher Page
    Comprehensive guide to many resources on the Internet maintained by Barbara Gellis Shapiro of the Palm Beach Post.
    Economic History Services
    Historical economics resources, like inflation rates over time, the purchasing power of the dollar, exchange rates, the cost of labor, and more.
    Electronic Journals in Librarinship and Information Science
    Though some are only accessible on the library's site (at the University of Wales Aberystwyth), many of these are available to all online.
    Gary Price's List of Lists
    Links to lists that supply information about companies, people and organizations.
    Gary Price's ResourceShelf (formerly Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk)
    Links to a variety of current information and events related and of interest to news librarians, including professional development topics as well as items in the news.
    GPO Access
    Full text retrieval of government material (including GAO reports), searchable by keyword.
    Historical Weather
    The National Weather Service Forecast Office's database allows you to view the temperatures and other weather data for dates going back through 1997.
    Internet Public Library
    Includes resources for librarians and researchers.
    Jack Styczynski's Internet Hot Sheet
    Concise list of essential research tools on the Net.
    The Journalist's Toolbox
    Contains more than 12,000 Web sites and resources for people doing research on topics in the news.
    Library of Congress Catalogs
    Search the Library of Congress catalogs online.
    Includes content analysis of media sources.
    Dean Tudor's comprehensive list of web sites useful to journalists.
    Gateway to online newspapers and other news sources on the Net.
    Old Farmer's Almanac Weather History
    This site has weather data back to 1994 and shows the results based on data from the weather station closest to the area being researched.
    Online Journalism Review's Guide to Journalistic Resources
    Pathfinders for various news beats.
    Power Reporting
    Thousands of various resources of interest to reporters and researchers, including government information, major media outlets, and professional development resources, like information about computer assisted reporting, journalism associations, and training.
    Poynter Institute
    The Poynter Institute's journalism news, events, tools, resource lists and more.
    Links to a variety of online reference sources.
    Reporter's Desktop
    Links to a variety of Web search tools, like people-finders and search engines, as well as online reference sources.
    Researching Companies Online
    A tutorial with many handy links for business searching.
    Telephone Directories on the Web
    A listing of telephone directories around the world that have online listings, residential and business.
    Top Ten List of News Media Resources
    Another resource list.
    The Virtual Reference Desk
    Handy online reference tools.
    Weather Underground
    At the bottom of a forecast page on this site, there is a drop-down menu for selecting historical dates for weather back to 1994.

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