Job Posting: Research Associate (University of Puget Sound)

For complete details on a research associate position at the University of Puget Sound, visit here.   These are the responsibilities:

The research associate will:

-perform extensive information searches efficiently and insightfully, utilizing fee-based and free database systems and other resources
-analyze and synthesize financial data such as stock holdings, real estate values, foundation assets and grants
-compute philanthropic capacity ratings
-produce various biographical profiles of individuals, corporations, and foundations to the standards established by the division
-respond to research requests from other departments
-research and create electronic biographies as preparation materials for events attended by senior management
-collaborate with other university relations departments to formulate strategies of engagement, cultivation, and solicitation to meet Puget Sound’s fundraising goals
-in partnership with the university’s information services department, conceptualize, devise, and manage data integrity and analytical reports
-collaborate to develop and consistently employ prospect identification strategies
-collaborate with the director of University Relations Research regarding budgeted resources, keeping current about new options
-supervise, train, and direct student staff working in University Relations Research


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